Meter Readings Being Fiddled?

Our latest statement from Good Energy shows a three-month estimated consumption of 836kWh, at a rate of 15.16p/kWh. It then shows an actual reading, a week later, showing a correction of -88kWh (ie, the estimate was over 10% too high), credited at a rate of 14.02p/kWh. Clearly there has been a rate reduction in February, which is good, but we have been credited at that lower rate instead of the higher rate that we were overcharged at.

Check your statement too: now that rates are falling, these over-estimates and credits are potentially rich pickings for the wily energy companies - even supposedly ethical ones like Good Energy!

Update: 21 February 2009 After I emailed Good Energy, asking for a correction to my bill, they replied really quickly and a couple of days later a new statement has arrived. The estimate to the end of January has been adjusted in accordance with the actual reading in early February, bringing the bill down by over £13 (roughly 10% lower)! This was definitely worth querying, and you should do so too.


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