The Old Seeds Experiment

What to do with all those old seeds kicking about in the potting shed? Here's what I've decided to do with mine: I mixed them all up in a tub and scattered them in a reasonably well prepared bed. Let's see what will happen!

The seeds are:

  • Runner Bean (polestar) dated 12/2008
  • Lettuce (Little Gem) dated 12/2006
  • Pumpkin (Mammoth) dated 2008
  • Aubergine (Black Beauty) dated May 2007
  • Pepper (Marconi Rosso) sow by 2007
  • Courgette (Zucchini) sow by 2006
  • Tomato (Plum Roma VF) sow by 12/2005
  • Radish (Sparkler 3) dated 12/2005
  • Carrot (Samurai) dated June 2007
  • Radish (French Breakfast 3) sow by 12/2005
The seeds are under a cold frame, and the weather is quite warm at the moment. Night-time temperatures are dropping to around 5 degrees C, and during the day they are up to 17 or 18 degrees.


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