Springtime Sowing

Here are my sowing efforts so far this year:
  • Sweet Peas and Dahlias (harvested from last year's plants) sown in pots, in plain garden soil. Some put airing cupboard in clear plastic bags, others on kitchen window sill.
  • Sweet peas (same seeds as above) that my kids sowed in a spare pot on the lounge window sill have sprouted after around 10 days.
  • Dahlia seeds planted in back garden.
  • Runner bean seeds (from last year's packet) sown in jam jar (using paper kitchen towel as a moisturiser).
  • Sunflower seeds (from a head from last year) sown indoors in pots, placed on the kitchen window sill.
I also intend to sow carrots, courgette (zuchinni) and spinach. The spinach really wants to be going in around now, but the beds just aren't ready. No potatoes or brassicas this year, that's for sure! Potatoes are too much effort for the cost savings, and brassicas have a habit of attracting masses of caterpillars. The space that we'd normally reserve for these is now sown as grass, which is already pushing through. We basically aim to have a presentable front garden again, with a good-sized lawn, and a few small vegetables to boot. And maybe a pumpkin or two, of course!

The strawberry plant that went mad last year now has its babies spread around the front garden beds. I put a couple of plants indoors, and they're flowering already. Perhaps I should move them outside during the day to pollenate.

Most of the raspberry canes that I bought and planted in mid-February are now sprouting nicely; clearly the snow we had in early March didn't do them any harm.


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