Edie's 1913 NZ Diary

I am led to believe that Jane (Man), Bessie's daughter, has a more complete diary. This is just a snippet:

Starts Weds 1 Jan 1913, LOTS of Cycling!

Mentions of Violet, “Aunty Annie” – I think she means Aunty & Annie

Mention of walking to Fendalton

19th Jan : “Frank and Pauline in for tea...”

22nd Jan Weds: “Aunty & all of us went round to Pauline's for the evening. Her sister was there with a cousin, brother & a friend. We had some music, while some were playing table bowls....”

Lots of outings, mention of Annie, Ben, Aunty, Muriel, Isa? domestic going ons.

26 Sun: Up 8.30. dull morning. Walked with Annie to S. Andrews. A sermon on Missions to the Jews by a converted Jew. Our duty to them. He begged us all to study the Bible much more, he himself had been persecuted for studying it, had had to climb trees or hind behind rocks, to read it. He said the converted Gentile knew very little of the Bible.

Walk back with Aunty & Annie. Ben came along with the motor chiar, gave Aunty a lift home, then Annie & I. After dinner went in the chair to town. Went by 2.20 tram to Sumner. To meet Miss Lindrose. 77 Arnold St. the G.F.S. Girl whom N. Burman writes to. She met the car, & we had a walk thro the Church? along the beach, through the village round by a large building for Dead & dumb children of N.Z. A large 2 storied building that is having extensions added back for tia? At 5. Her father is a Finlander, but I had no time to talk to him. Works climate suffragittes. Went to the church at the foot of the hill nicely kept. Left by 8.10 tram are? Fendalton 9.15....”

28 Jan Tuesday: “….Pauline in afternoon to say Good bye but I missed her. Frank for tea & Violet. Auntie Annie Ken & I drove in motor to station...” I think this is when she finally leaves Fendalton

Friday Feb 1: ...we arrived at Rahotu about 2.30. Mrs. Dawson & Margaret were there with the trap... Went with Mrs. Dawson & Margaret (8) into their bush.....”

Nelson Morgan is Gladys's boy (Gladys Dawson?)

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas (Nelson's sister)

Mr. Stonese


Draughts with Gerald

Mrs. Morgan's (Glady's future home)


Sun Mar 9th: We all went to the Methodist Church at Monyaware. Poor attendance & poor reader.

Miss Lovells photos (have one of her, I think).

Agnes, Miss Giles, Dargaville, Miss Bradley, Harold, Mrs. Philips, Mr. Dobbs

Cinnamon Gardens

Lots of details on her journey, no more Manttans/NZ

Diary finishes with this:

Wed June 18:”...Bay of Biscay Oh. smooth then a few heavy swells. rolling a bit.”


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