Edie Letters Misc., 1914 and Later

Burial card for Helen Maud Sherwood, Grave No. 2183, Square 18, Interred Dec 18 1890, Wolverhampton General Cemetery.

Mrs. E R Swindells,
6 Goringe Road, Eastbourne Sussex
11 Burlington Place
Chatsworth House, Devonshire Place

28 Queens Avenue
March 10th (I assume 1915)
My dear Edie

Well, well, well I really must write and congratulate you and wish you every happiness. We received your letter yesterday. I hope he won't swindle you that is all (Mother did not like me saying tho and it is supposed to be a pun). How will you like being a minister's wife. I have a bit of news for you. You know the little Wroxton Sunday school you used to go to, well they have a service there on Sunday nights now. Mr. Hamilton has a young curate to help him so he takes the services... I am getting on with my music...
We have a seven months old baby living us now. Willie, his wife and baby they have been here the last two months. I don't know how long they will be here for. It would be rather funny if Benny was to arrive in England in time to see you married just to represent the family. We don't know yet when they will be leaving. He was home for a few days the other week, he came down with Mother she had been to Wellington for a month. I am very glad for you that you will be settled in a home of your own. You will find me coming round to your back door one day asking to see the parsons wife. My word you will have to be good now or else won't you get some sermons so look out for yourself. You might just tell us what he is like. With best love,
Annie Manttan.

So I guess Ben Manttan fished up in England with his wife??

No postmark (stamp torn off)

Miss Sherwood
Park ? East

Kahui Rd.
Aug 24th 1915

My dear Edie
It seems a long time since you wrote tha I am wondering if for ….long long letter from Amy Dawson, mentions Nelson and Gladys.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Couple of long letters that look like they are from LS or LSA (I think this must be Laura Smith)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note from G. Worthington thanking Edie for offering condolences (GRACE) on the death of the writer's father, 1918.

Another note written in 1928 from GRACE Worthington, saying thanks for thinking of us at Xmas. Is this the same Grace who was mentioned in letters from Muriel and Laura, ie – is she a Grace (Smith) Worthington who migrated from NZ to Britain?
Always lots of commiserations in these letters hoping that the health of Mr. Swindells will improve soon!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

postmarked Timaru, NZ, 1915

Mrs. E. Swindells
Park Rd. East

9 Park Lane

My dear Edie,
I have at least sat down to write you a few more lines. I can't remember if I have written since I got you [sic] letter to say you were married, in case I haven't, I will wish you every happiness dear. Laura was married the same day as you were the 28th April & they are now in ChCh.

Details of Laura's wedding...Family news.Very long letter!

I wonder if have heard that Gilbert M. has gone to the war his Mother went to Sydney to see him off . William is now in O amaru.....

Your sincere friend
Moolie (Muriel Smith)


postmarked Timaru, NZ, 1916 31 Aug?

Mrs. E. Swindells
Park Rd. East

c/o Mrs. McPhedron
Tycho Delvy

Dear Old Edie,
I have looked for a letter for you for such a long time in vain. Lots of things have happened since I wrote last rather too much for my liking.

Well first of all our house at Park Lane was burnt. I have never seen a place burnt before & I never want to see another, really, it was dreadfully hard to see every thing going. We are just building a one story in brick this time & it has a big billiard room.

….Lots more family news of them.....

Your loving friend
Muriel Smith

Please write soon Edie Dear,
Love M.S.


The Furlongs,


Mesrs Ho? Eastbourne

Dear Sirs

Enclosed please find cheque for 165 as deposit for the Freehold Property. No. 6 Gorringe Road, Eastbourne. When Mr. Luschland(?) was in E'bourne last week he saw Mrs. Brewer & after what she told him with regard to the drains I do not think it will be necessary to send a Surveyor the name & address of my soliciter is Mr. C. Perry 82 Darlington St. Wolverhampton.

In fountain pen, not signed, but Edie's writing


21 Lowes Road

Dear Mrs. Swindells,
I was so pleased to receive your letter.
I do sincerely hope you are both feeling the benefit of the change and rest by now. I am afraid the weather has not been any too good for sitting about very much.

Little Norman was as good as gold last Sunday and seemed to enjoyhis tea so much afterwards. It was very touching to see the way he ran into mother's room. Choc' he said choc. I am sure he missed her. We are all keeping fairly well, but our loss, oh Mrs. Swindells it seems almost unbearable at times, to think we are never going to have her loving welcome any more.

I am just clinging to the “God of all comfort, and trust. He will give me Grace to shine through.

You have been through it have you now? And known just what it is to have to get back to “The daily round, & common tasks.”

We are trying to prepare our J.P.A.? Demonstration, which is arranged for the Wednesday in Easter week. I do not know whether we shall ever be ready or not.

The confirmation service was held at Trinity church last evening. There were a good number of candidates.

Four of our J.P.A. Girls were confirmed. It does not seem possible we are so near Easter does it? They are expecting a large number of visitors I believe. How is your invalid progressing? Please give our kindest rememberances to him. Hoping you too are feeling ever so much better for your much needed rest.


Ethel I assume that's CA Sherwood's wife, referring to death of her own mother


There are several mid-late 1920s letters to Edie from a Grace Worthington, husband? = Dick, living in London (Camberwell, Crickleford). Looks like an old school chum of Edie's? Grace mentions Edie visiting George at Kings College Hospital (so he had a stay, investigations?).


Little Horsted Rectory
Uckfield Sussex
June 10th 1928

Dear Madam
You will be surprised to hear from me after all this time, but when I was in Eastbourne I asked Mrs. Giles about you and was sorry to hear Mr. Swindells had been very ill. I had no time to spare or should have called at 6 Gorringe Rd although I am not sure that you are still there as Mrs. Giles told Mr. Swindells had left the Church. I hope all the Children are well I suppose I should hardly know them now, dear little Joan will be quite a big girl now....
Yours Sincerely Edith Ratchelons?


postmarked Blackpool 31 Dec 1929

32 Springfield Road
North Shore
New Years Eve
My dear Mrs. Swindells

It was such a pleasure to get your letter, and all the kind wishes also the nice calendar sent by the Daddy for which I thank Him, how very quiet when all the children are at school after your busy time, but O dear servants these days are a[sic] just bug bears they do not like work and wont[sic] have the dole ruins them, with all at thisme?[sic] for Christmas, do hope it as[sic] been a very Happy one for the Children also Mummy & Daddy mine as[sic been a very quiet spent alone, but was rather glad it was so, you will be surprised to hear I am staying for a a time in rooms, on account of my being so ill have spent 7 mths this year out of 12 mths in nursing Homes and Hospitals of had the same operation as the King and get relapse after relapse, but am now wonderfully better, the Drs. said I must ahve sear air for a time, have had to give up my little Home on account of illness, have stored some of my things but can't make out at present, what I will do, whether to take unfurnised[sic] rooms or sell all, and board, and go about for a time. how kind of you to ask me to come and stay with you, when the children are at school and you are alone, later on when I have decided about a Home, shall have to come.

I am just alone now, without any relation or any near to me at all , all those I loved at rest, but many more are worse of[sic], am glad dear you are keeping well.

With much love to all

Wishing every Good wish for the Coming Year

Yrs Sincerenly
Lydia Comer

Confirms children off at boarding school at this age, Norman is only 8yo


Postmark Eastbourne Jan 1941 Sussex

Postcard strip (Eastbourne scenes) with long letter on back from Edie to Joan

Miss J Swindells
c/o Mrs. Rae
2 Bakewell Villas
All Saints Road

The Sussex Hotel
Dec 31 1940

Dear Joan,
How would you like a whiff of the sea? I had a walk from Vic Pl to the Pier - but it was a very nice thick misty & wet morning. So could not see very much – The glazier will have a busy time when the time comes to replace all the broken windows. There didn't appear to be any whole ones in the Burlington at the front. The bomb fell at the back at the Claremont End; which of course demolished both ?ate parts & the one house in Elms Avenue close in & windows shattered all round that part. Victoria place shops are closed down. ?Bealis isle windows have all gone & they have shut temporary, a few shops are carrying on but many or most of those have the shutters up & just a doorway left to get in. All the glass has gone in the railway station & along the platforms. The book stall has shutters but is still open.

There only appear to be about 4 people living in here. But today a few travellers came to lunch I think they had more in for Xmas = Evergreen & tinsel icicles are round the rooms & a number of coloured lights across the ceiling in the Dining Rm to brighten things up a bit.

Stephen is having a very busy time & now he is to be the Shelter Marshall for the crypt under the Church – which holds about 400 people. I asked him if he were warm enough – Well he says – you can cut cut [sic] it & hand it out in slices (the atmosphere..

What a terrible time poor London has had, we did not see anything of it on our way thro' but we did notice the house in Picadilly where the King used to live had a bomb thro it. & a barrage balloon caught on one of the trees in Hyde Park as we passed that way in the taxi. & of course some buildings damaged. Vic Station was all sloppy from the rain coming in where the glass ought to be.

There see plenty of clothes in the cupboards but the house seems so cold & damp it is not fit to be long. Perhaps a bit later on when it gets warmer one can do something about it. Did you get a nice Christmas – well as nice as one can expect these days. I don't see anything advertised in E.G. Temple Grove seems to be carrying on The buses pass here on the way to pick them up at the Devonshire Park place. I see one of the Milcroys is in Barclays Bank, they of course are working all night to night. The end of the year for the banks.

(I have just discovered this is a very long sheet of pictures. I thought they were both the same length – the girl charged me the same price & I see the one I am sending to Betty is only a 2o one, so I hope she won't mind, I didn't post it as this mg as I intended!

Many thanks for the nice Aft Closh? – (we used it for tea) & it was a very good choice as Aunty had taken most of the things away in that line. Aunty is one of Edie's sisters?

We had quite a nice number of cards & Aunty Annie sent me a pair of lined gloves. & Daddy gave me a box of choc's (no Fuller's obtainable at S. hope to get more in the New Year they said at one shop.

Norman wrote quite well in the letter he sent on the 23rd, so I do hope his eye will go on well. He has been unfortunate hasn't he, one way or another. I hope it won't interfere in his new work he is just starting.

I don't know if Stephen will be able to write soon, but he is apparently is [sic] having plenty to do – & is to be Marshall to the Crypt under the Church which holds about 400 people. NO one seems to have been in charge & it needs a lot of managing to get it in good working order. & help from Government with ?buntrs & e. I don't know if the trouble was there the other day when it was given out a [sic] South West Town.

Wed Mg.
We have had a quiet night again & today is a very cold windy day. But we were glad to find the house looked much drier in consequence & Mr. Baker is going to put fires in once a week.
Notices are up asking people not to come back yet, as it is still an invasion part. & it was fortunate that people had gone away or many perhaps hundreds would have been killed round Cavendish Bridge & down Bourne St., Tidewell Rd. & all that area.

Well I just close Wishing you a happy & prosperous New Year.
With much love
From your loving

Newspaper Obituary notice for Jack Man:

John (Jack)

Passed away peacefully at home on April 17, 2008,

aged 89 years.

Adored husband of Claire and father of Sue, Jane and the late Judith.

Funeral at Eastbourne Crematorium on Thursday, May 1 at 12:15 pm.
And afterwards at the Cooden Beach Hotel.

Family flowers only, donations if desired to either the British Heart Foundation or the NRLI
c/o Mummery Funeral Directors,
31 Devonshire Road,
East Sussex TN40 1AH


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