W.G. Sherwood

WG Sherwood and children, taken about 1885-1886 I guess. They appear to be, from left to right: Back: Annie, William, Gertrude Middle: WG, Henry, Edie Front: Charles, Helen. Helen died in 1890 age 12; another boy, named John, was born to the family after Charles. John died in infancy.

WG was a prosperous bootmaker who built decent quality housing for the workers in his boot and shoe making factory. These buildings were still occupied upon his death in 1911, so the property passed into an estate for the benefit of WG's heirs. Over decades since the trust has slowly sold off these properties. Some of WG's history is wrapped up with that of Wolverhampton. WG was a borough councillor in 1896 (From The Book of the Century 1848-1948, ed. by Frederick Avery). His prominent political and industrial profile led to him being recorded present at the funeral of Wolverhampton's mayor in 1909. Some details of the Trust are kept with Black country historical records.

Annie married Ben Bishton and had four children. William had one child Gladys, who had one child, Billy Ashford. Gertrude married but had no children. Henry (Harry) had a child named Edith who became Edith Onions, and had six children. Edith (Edie) married George Swindells and had 4 children, who eventually produced, I think, just six great-children: John, Simon, Sally, Claire and two grandchildren of Betty (Swindells) Man. Charles married Ethel Varney and had four children.


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