The Essentials

The Health and Safety Executive stipulate two techniques which an employee must demonstrate in order to be classified as a qualified first-aider:
  • Recovery position
  • CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation)
A first aider also has certain duties around the workplace, the most important of which is to maintain an HSE-approved first-aid kit.

Golden Rules

Do not disrupt the skin surface. Pulling a splinter out is fine; digging a splinter out is not.

When you have visitors, give a brief induction which includes the whereabouts of the first aid kit and who can administer first aid.

Accident reports must be kept for three years.

Do not forget to arrange for clean-up and restocking after an accident. Use a clinical waste bag (to be incinerated) for contaminated materials.

After an accident, check that other people are okay, and try to keep aware of how you are feeling.

You may have to inform next of kin, after a serious accident.


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