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Official Sites: The Official TDF 2007 Route and also the Tour de France London website. British Cycling has some coverage too.
  • Saturday 7 July London: 8km prologue, passing by Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.
    Tour de France London - See the Prologue course:
    Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Zoom in to map Prologue map
  • Sunday 8 July London-Greenwich-Canterbury: 203km.
    Tour de France London - See the Stage 1 course:

    Start End London 1 - Central London (PDF 746KB) London 2 - Greenwich (PDF 1.06MB) London 3 - Plumbstead (PDF 1.07MB) London 4 - Erith (PDF 877KB) London 5 - Dartford (PDF 849KB) Kent 1 - Dartford to Gravesend (PDF 2.39MB) Kent 2 - Medway Towns (PDF 2.55MB) Kent 3 - Maidstone (PDF 1.99MB) Kent 4 - Tonbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells (PDF 1.23MB) Kent 5 - Horsmonden to Tenterden (PDF 1.27MB) Kent 6 - Tenterden to Ashford (PDF 2.06MB) Kent 7 - Seellindge o Stowting (PDF 2.01MB) Kent 8 - Cantebury (PDF 2.39MB) End Stage 1 map
At The site also has a page on Le Tour's relationship with Great Britain. It's a bit sparse as the race has only landed on these shores three times in its history, but mention is also made of the biggest British TDF participants.


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