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CTC Council: East of England

Dear Member

I am writing to you to urge you to think about becoming a CTC councillor for the East of England. I am sending you my invitation personally because I’m new enough to Council to recognise possible anxieties that candidates might have but experienced enough to know what goes on.

Council is responsible for what happens in CTC. Sounds daunting I know but the council sets the policy and the paid staff and our voluntary networks do the hard work – well that’s the theory anyway!

Of course it needs some time commitment – what voluntary activity does not? The council meets four times a year in London – which, allowing for occasional weekend rail engineering work, makes it pretty accessible.

Of our 20 councillors about 14 choose to get more involved and are members of one of our committees or act as champions for an area they are interested in, such as finance, campaigning, the magazine or maybe a type of cycling such as mountain biking.

I believe that we are at an exciting time for cycling. Fuel prices are stimulating interest in bikes and in CTC we now have 13 new cycle development officers around the country and we are really setting our stall as the organisation for all cyclists, including mountain biking.

You can be a club rider, a business commuter, a cycle shopper or a lone rider. All you need to bring to council is a passion for cycling and interest in the way the organisation is run. Yes you are standing for election and that involves votes. Yes you need to be nominated by ten members but your local group or national office should be able to help you with this.

If you feel the need to chat to me about standing please free to contact me by replying to this email, your enquiry will be passed on to me. Nomination forms and more information is available on the CTC website Forms need to be in by 15th August. Think about having a go. I did and I am still enjoying it.

David Robinson

(July 2008)


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