How to Repair a Mamas and Papas Stroller

Mamas & Papas  Sport  Stroller: fixed

Mamas & Papas Sport Stroller: fixed


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The Mamas and Papas Sport-03 three-wheeler stroller might look the part, and its chunky tyres are handy for negotiating rough ground. However, it also suffers from a fundamental weakness which means that the front wheel can just snap off.

The plate that supports the front wheel is very thin and is made from a brittle aluminium alloy. After a while this plate simply snaps in two, which could present a serious safety risk.

In our case we had two options:

  • Pay the nice Mamas & Papas people £50 to replace the defective part that they had built badly in the first place;
  • Fix it ourselves, and do a proper job this time.

Clearly there are moral issues with paying someone to replace a part which should never have broken in the first place, and replacing it with a part which would probably just fail the same way. So, we took the DIY repair route.

Materials and Equipment for Repair

  • T-profile or L-profile steel or aluminium bar
  • 5mm or 6mm bolts, around 2-3cm long
  • 6mm bolt, around 5cm long
  • Metal-bonding resin kit
  • Aluminium mesh
  • Drill, drill bits, metal file, metal hand saw


The first action is to drill a 6mm hole horizontally, just behind the buggy wheel hub, though the four vertical aluminium sections. Run the 5cm-long bolt through the hole and tighten it; this bolt should now be holding the broken-off section to the rest of the buggy.

Now apply the aluminium mesh and metal-bonding adhesive resin under the plate area, across the break line. Apply some of the resin to the break line on the top surface so that you have filled over any sharp metal edges. This step is more for a smooth finish than strength, but can't hurt.

Cut the new metal sections to length, bending at the end where necessary to match the profile of the broken plate. Drill holes through the sections and buggy plate, and secure them in place with the shorter bolts.

When the metal adhesive has dried, you can smooth it down with a file. Also use a file to smooth down any sharp metal edges around the repair.

Exactly how you do all this depends on the nature of the breakage and what replacement metal sections you have available.


Check whether your buggy is still in warranty before thinking about doing your own repair. If it's under warranty, get Mama's & Papas to do the work themselves, and let them know how upset you are that the buggy has such a dangerous weakness.

Any instructions you follow here are entirely at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to verify the integrity of the repair whenever the buggy is used.

Follow all manufacturer's instructions carefully, particularly with the adhesive.

Be very careful when using tools, and do not proceed if you are not experienced with metal-working and the use of drills, saws and files.

Update: Front Plate Replaced!

After further disintegration (and fixing) of the buggy's alloy front plate, we decided to give in and leave the buggy at a Mama's & Papa's store in Norwich. For a charge of £50 the plate was replaced and returned to us a week or so later in an enormous box. We had to re-attach the front wheel into the pair of metal prongs - harder than it looks - but from then on it was as good as new. The plate looks identical to the old one, so we will need to be careful with it and try to avoid any amount of frontal impacts or loads.

Mamas & Papas  Sport  Stroller: fixed

Mamas & Papas Sport Stroller: fixed


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Mamas & Papas  Sport  Stroller: fixed

Mamas & Papas Sport Stroller: fixed


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Mamas & Papas  Sport  Stroller: fixed

Mamas & Papas Sport Stroller: fixed


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by Amanda on 15 May 2015 Reply
Hi I know this is an old post but hope you Can help!the front wheel on our sport is buckling badly on and off its shakes violently while walking. Any ideas? The alloy itself isn't buckled as far as we can see. But feels like wheel will fall off! Many thanks
by Julii Swindells on 15 May 2015 Reply
The wobbly wheel is famous problem on the Sport 03, we ended up adding a weight but that didn't totally fix it. From discussions I've read online the most common effective solution is to tighten up the wheel nut. Else I find that M&P will take a look & try to diagnose. Good luck!
by Amanda on 16 May 2015 Reply
Thank you! That sorted it although I think we may of tightened it too much as we can't turn the wheel to swivel now but I am happy its fixed so much appreciated
by Robin bramwell on 11 September 2012 Reply
Any idea on how to get the front wheel off as it not coming off freely ? Also any body had any issues with the main frame where it clicks together moves about when pushing ?
by John Swindells on 11 September 2012 Reply
Hi Robin, on the inside of the forks are two metal pins, and you need to push these in whilst trying to pull the wheel out. The pins may have got corroded, so may need spraying with lube (eg, WD-40). You won't be able to pull the wheel off until you can push those pins in!

I don't know about the frame moving about - maybe worth asking at a Mamas & Papas store...

by jenna barrow on 29 August 2012 Reply
I have a different bit that has broken on mine, The breaks have completely gone. Any idea on how to fix them?


by John Swindells on 01 September 2012 Reply
I've put together a little bit of guidance on how to check the stroller's brakes: checking the brakes on a Mamas & Papas stroller. I hope this helps!
by Kazan on 07 October 2010 Reply
Great idea! Thanks.

Have the same problem.

Do you know where I can get T bars. B&Q?

Was trying to find but no luck :/


by John Swindells on 07 October 2010 Reply
You're welcome Kazan, glad you find it useful :)

A hardware or model store should sell lengths of angle iron or T-section bars. Mine were actually leftovers from polycarbonate roofing bars.

Be warned though - I've had to repair our buggy twice more, as the plate is gradually falling apart in different places. It's currently held together with lumps of wood! The bolt I put through behind the wheel has held well, though.

by Kazan on 14 October 2010 Reply
Just to update you.

I called Mamas&Papas and new plate cost ?30 so I ordered one, I replaced the broke one in 30min and that's it. All done, everybody happy :)

About new plate, is made from the same material but now you can see it has been reinforced.

I hope it'll not break so easily this time.

by Sandra on 06 March 2012 Reply
We had the same problem. New plate has come but how did you get the wheel off? Your help would be appreciated.


by John Swindells on 06 March 2012 Reply
There are a couple of spring-loaded ball bearings on the insides of the forks; you need to push both of these in at the same time so that you can then slide the wheel out. We had to squirt lube (eg, WD40) onto these bearings because they'd got seized up with mud and grit and some corrosion. Hope this helps!
by Sandra on 06 March 2012 Reply
Got the wheel off but cannot get the fork part out of the plate. We are close to giving up, the swivel button on the front seems to need to come off but how? I am not liking M&P much at the moment. Instructions would have been nice. Thank you for your time and assistance.


by John Swindells on 06 March 2012 Reply
Ah right, you just need to prise the plastic button off, with a screwdriver or similar. Then you can undo the great big nut that fixes the fork to the plate.
by Sandra on 06 March 2012 Reply
Got down to the bearings at the top of the fork. Taken off the big nut and there is some play up and down but it just won't come free. Tried pulling off the twizzle button in case there is a pin holding the top of the fork but still no luck.
by John Swindells on 06 March 2012 Reply
Sorry Sandra, I don't know what to suggest. After removing the nut, the fork really should be ready to drop out.

We got our plate replaced at a Mama & Papas store, and they dealt with the fork; we just had to put the wheel back on.

by sandra on 07 March 2012 Reply
Thank you for all your time and attention John,

I will douse the bearings in WD40 and then try again. Then contact M&P and then give up. Wish me luck.


by John Swindells on 15 October 2010 Reply
Thanks for the update, glad you could replace it yourself! It's good that they've made the plate more robust - I hope it lasts for you!

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