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Blast from the past: beat the Y2K bug!

17 Sep 2013

I found this garish window sticker recently, buried amongst a few papers I'd gathered when I used to work at Marconi Communications (formerly ...

mysqli doesn't like old passwords

13 Mar 2013

mysqli, the recommended PHP interface to mysql, will not authenticate with mysql servers using old (16-bit hash) passwords. This is the message ...

Convert from feet to metres

12 Oct 2011

Reading/writing image exif data with PHP

11 Apr 2011

Choices of reading: built-in exif_read_data (PHP 4.2+) or exifReader class from For writing, there is no ...

How to update fields using grouped data from another table

29 Jan 2011

For optimisation purposes you have decided to create a new field in a table, and that field needs to contain a computed value of rows from another ...

Perl: Reconfiguring CPAN

18 Jun 2010

This is how to edit your list of CPAN mirrors, to remove a problematic one. Go to the Perl CPAN prompt: perl -MCPAN -e shell Check your ...

Windows 7: Adding a context menu item for image resizing

23 May 2010

Install imagemagick Create a destination directory for the images Create a batch file (eg, C:\webimage.bat) with this line in it: convert ...


21 Feb 2009

body,table,tbody,tr,td,div,#Header,#Content,#Footer { background-color:#fec0ff; background:#fec0ff; border:0px; } As a tribute ...

SANS Institute: Top 25 Programming Mistakes

14 Jan 2009

The SANS Institute has published a list of the 25 most dangerous programming errors - and how to fix them. See CWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous ...

Plesk 8.6.0 QMail Alias Issue

29 Dec 2008

Plesk 8.6.0 QMail Alias Issue! I think that this is a Plesk-specific issue, and have discovered it on a brand new installation of 8.6.0: ...

How to Use the Twitter API

28 Nov 2008

Here is a PHP class to push Twitter updates from your own web app:

Inside The Googleplex

17 Apr 2008

So you think every software house is a dimly lit sweatshop crammed with desks, monitors and stressed workers? Well, not at Google it seems. ...

Video Geotagging

14 Feb 2008

Is it possible to insert geotags into a video stream? Geotags are a long-standing feature of still images, accessed using the EXIF standard ...

Automatic Text Field Spell Checker

29 Dec 2007 Spellify is a based spell ...

RSS 2.0 Format

16 Dec 2007

This is an example from Wikipedia: Liftoff News Liftoff to Space Exploration. en ...