Simple Programming Exercises

Convert from feet to metres


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John Swindells

John Swindells I am a career professional in software development, becoming proficient in various systems and languages since 1992. In recent years I have been especially active in web and mobile app projects. I stepped down in April ... (more)

Shining up old coins

Hey it works! And it's as easy as it looks. I now have shiny new pennies (left) that used to be Old brown pennies (right). New ones are very coppery in person not so golden as picture). Tried a variety of different methods. Vinegar (malt ... (more)

Smartphones on Pay-as-you-Go? Watch out!

Smartphones are exceptional pieces of kit nowadays. Models like the Nokia Lumia, HTC One and Apple iPhone have reached the point of being decent replacements for the ordinary digital camera, with the added bonus of being able to make and ... (more)