SEO Blog: Are outbound links the new SEO?

Search engine optimisation has a lot of subjectiveness to it, and the large number of 'signals' that search engines employ to fine-tune their results makes it very hard to rationalise how some pages rank for certain terms - and others don't.

So, what's the deal with the term 'SEO Blog'? Tad Chef (writing for seems to think that topic-relevant links to other websites are a great way to rank for those topics. Now, I could be cynical and suggest that his article Linking Out Instead of Link Building to Rank in Google is just an attempt to encourage more people to link to but I actually happen to agree with it. For me the key part of the article is that outbound links encourage owners of those links to 'return the favour' by way of a mention in a blog or a tweet.

Links out to relevant sites and pages are a "good thing" for everyone, so I'd encourage them in principle. But just in case they have any direct influence on rankings, I'll add another link to SEO Blog! I hope you enjoy the read, but come back here soon :)


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