Our Adopted Family

To give Monty some company, we have now adopted a family of four sister rats from a rescue shelter in Surrey. They are:-
  • Jasper with thick black stripe, shy but happy to nestle on a shoulder.
  • Teggs with broken black stripe, very nervous and doesn't like being picked up.
  • Sprite with broken brown stripe, always the first to the door and happy to be held.
  • Twitchy with wide brown stripe, very nervous indeed and has been biting.
Having read that biting rats can be cured by offering them food on your finger, we tried it with Twitchy. Amazingly, it worked! She happily nibbled scraps of mashed potato from a finger without a hint of biting. Teggs on the other hand was much too vigorous, not actually biting but getting quite a lot of finger in her mouth.


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