Our Little Cat Family

Black cats posing

Black cats posing


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We have brought two little black cats into our chaotic family, so here you will find lots of pictures (not too blurry) and experiences, plus a free tips that we pick up along the way.

Their names are Claudius and Nero. So far, we've worked out that Claudius is extremely greedy but isn't too keen on attention from us. Nero on the other hand is the complete opposite, liking to curl up on a lap rather than sniffing around the kitchen for scraps.

Pecking order at feeding time

One time that the cats don't fight is when they're being fed - although they do have a strict pecking order. Claudius has first go, followed ...

It's official: cats can melt in the heat

Kubrick, our grumpy middle-aged bachelor cat, appeared to have actually melted in the heat of the afternoon sun today! He usually scarpers ...

New resident: Kubrick

Kubrick is a cat who was looking for a new home, after his current provider started plotting a pan-European adventure in a motor home. We ...

Best Food for Cats

From Julii

What's wrong with regular cat food? I should preface by saying that I don't think it matters as much as some people make ...

The Shrew that the Cat brought in

Nero is very good at catching small mammals like mice, but here is a tasty little shrew that he caught. We wonder if he'll get around to eating ...

Nero, Claudius and a rather dead mouse

There's nothing nicer than a dead mouse to crunch on... if you're a cat with a big appetite, that is. Fortunately, Claudius (with the appetite ...

A bit of play-fighting

Nero and Claudius have quite different temperaments, but neither can resist the offer of a play fight! More often than not it's Claudius ...

How to make a cat tree

Making a cat tree is fun and easy, as long as you have a few basic DIY skills and tools. The only tools you need are a saw, drill, screwdriver ...

Kittens in pose mode

Here are a few pictures of the kittens relaxing and sitting to attention. Despite being very playful, they are capable of sitting around for ...

Let the kittens play!

The kittens (Nero and Claudius) are very good at playing with each other, but that doesn't stop the kids trying to join in!

First day in a new home

Here are a few pictures of Nero and Claudius as they check out their new home and figure out their new housemates!