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Wind Turbines - 2011

This is all about harnessing wind energy, with wind turbines for the domestic market. Apparently David Cameron (Tory leader of the Opposition) is having a wind generator put on his London house*, so we decided to investigate the feasibility of such a venture.

The wind turbine, or domestic wind turbine in this case, has these terms associated with it:

  • small wind turbine - small enough to go on the side or roof of a house
  • wind turbine blades - must be able to withstand the harsh British climate
  • wind turbine manufacturers - not that many!
  • wind turbine power - how much power can a wind turbine produce (eg, 15 kw wind turbine, 1kw wind turbine)
  • wind farms
  • offshore wind farm
* He hasn't had much luck actually! Having finally had it erected on the side of his house, he's been told to take it down again because it's installed incorrectly!