The Guinea Pigs Diaries

Fancy looking after a guinea pig? We've put together a little factsheet to help you along.
8 March 2004 Managed to sell Fluff's boy to a pet-shop.
9 February 2004 Pepper gave birth to three. All are thriving.
8 February 2004 Ginger gave birth to five. Two died within a couple of days.
21 January 2004 Fluff gave birth to one; well, she's only young! He's absolutely fine.
7 September 2003 Ginger gave birth to five, the last one in front of our eyes. The fourth-borne didn't get a clean-up, and wandered from the nest. It died about an hour later, despite our efforts to warm,clean and feed it.
6 September 2003 Pepper has given birth to four lovely, skinny little critters!
Pictures below....


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