The Human Donor

Giving blood is an almost painless experience, and has no significant side-effects for most people. You should always read guidance from the NHS Blood and Transplant service to be sure, though. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Blood Donor today!

You can keep track of upcoming blood donation sessions by downloading the NHSGiveBlood android app or the NHSGiveBlood iPhone app. At the present time the app is only useful for people who don't book in advance and just want to find where/when the next convenient session is. Hopefully it will one day include reminders and alerts for sessions that have been booked in advance, and maybe even provide the questionnaire that donors have to complete on the day of the donation!

Don't forget organ donation - Become an Organ Donor today!

Another Great Session

So far, giving blood has been an uneventful and pleasant experience, and this (my 21st donation) was no exception. I took Dan and Tristan with me, and they happily scribbled in the Billy Blood activity books they were given while I donated. My donation machine (that stores the blood and prevents it clotting) got a flat battery as the donation started, so the nurse had to revert to the manual method of collection using scales. Every minute or so she would come over and give the donation bag a jiggle to prevent clotting.

It only really struck me last night how nice the people are that donate blood. The staff are always really friendly and relaxed, which is important, but so far I haven't come across a single donor who was rude or unpleasant in any way. This makes the whole experience of donation much more appealing for me, as I'm pretty confident of meeting some great people while I'm there.


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