Helping youngsters learn numeracy

Play the "dartboard game" on the BBC website!

For help with counting up the right money, try the money payer game!

"Castle 2d and 3d shapes game"is very good for learning shapes.

The "Smarteenies shape store game" is also great for shapes.

Who is Colin CO2? An interactive e-book awaits your attention...

Shoot the Duck: but you have to choose the right number first!

Practice how to tell the time, by moving the hands on a clock.

Bamzooki is a BBC Bitesize game, involving lots of counting and measuring. It's a bit slow to load, but has great graphics and has a great story.

Dick and Dom from CBBC join Bitesize to play a Maths factors and multiples game.

Watch this video on how thick a sheet of paper can become when you keep folding it!

Other websites to browse


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