Lines to pursue, and lines that are covered


This is a list of who I could productively keep hunting for, and who is already well-being hotly pursued by distant cousins. Truth is I'm pretty rubbish at family history research, so it makes sense for me to leave the better researchers to hunt down our mutual relatives, and then I will concentrate on people nobody else is interested in (seeing how as my paltry efforts are better than nothing).

Maternal Grandparents:

Charles Marion Bacon (1897-1990). His ancestors covered well by Sharland, wife of my 2nd-cousin once-removed. I can only add biographical details.

Martha Margaret Gooch (1903-1984)
her parents = Charles Percy Gooch (1873-1943) and Rachel Ann Stout (1871-1956).

. I've got the wife of a distant cousin (Jerry Ann Stout) to collaborate with for Stouts, but nobody else on the Gooch clan. CPG parents = **Margaret Jackson (1842-1880) and William M. Gooch (1842-1917?)
RAS parents = Martha White (1847ish-1882ish) and George Washington Stout (1837-1915)

MJ's parents said to be Jeremiah Jackson () and Lucinda Collins (). **I am not convinced of the link, I want to pursue whether they are her folks.

WGooch's parents = Jesse Gooch (1814-18??) and **Elizabeth Ware (1823).
Jesse Gooch's parents = Nicholas Gooch (~1781-before 1830) and *Judith Nash (~1780-soon after 1830).
I'd like to pursue Judith, but I suspect leads are few. Nicholas Gooch is well covered by David Kipp Connover and other Gooch researchers.
**Elizabeth Ware is under-researched.

Martha White's parents = Jane Russell (1824-1910) and Jonathan White (1819-1874)
Jane Russell is the daughter of Israel (Ezra) Russell (1794?1787?-187?) and Susan Brewer (1798-1879).
Ezra said to be son of not sure who?>
**Susana Brewer said (I want to verify the link, does anyone have a pic of her? or only her tombstone) to be daughter of Harmon Brewer () and ***Janie Grubbs ().
Janie is my mtDNA line, I'm quite keen to chase her up. A lot of people descend from Harmon and Janie, they are well pursued by many others.

**Jonathan White is the son of **John White and (probably) **Hannah ?. NOBODY is pursing either of them.
GWS's parents = Rachel Irvin (?Census find her age?-1874) and John Stout (1774?-1869)
**Rachel Irvin is talked about, but her provenance mysterious and under-investigated.
John Stout is part of a much larger and well researched clan, children by his first wife (Mary Broyles) well documented, so I need not worry about him.

Paternal Great-grandparents

George Robert Brainard (1898-195?) His mother (Nellie Slater) is well covered by Doug Slater, and his father (Robert Francis Brainard) is part of the vast and well-researched Brainard genealogy.

Dinah Robson (1899?-1973?)
her parents = Ella Louise Luscher (1872-194?) and **Alexander Gillan Robson (1868-1908)
ELL's parents = Henry Luscher (Rudolph Henry Haberstiech (1841-192?) and **Mary Ellen ?(Aldridge) Fitzgerald (1845-1900ish).
Definitely some other people are searching the Haberstiech family, but nobody onto Mary Ellen Fitzgerald, her first husband, son by first marriage, etc.

I am the only person I know of researching the Robsons, especially ancestors of A Robson (1833-?), including his parents (John Robson 1808-? and Isabella Ward 1810-?), and his wife (Mary Ann Brady 1835-18?), and her parents (Elizabeth (~1811-after 1900) and David (1801-bef. 1900).

**Charles L. McKay (1896-1949) I have two great collaborators in Alan Lloyd Falconer & Rachel Humphries in this line, but really we still get stuck on Charles' great-grandparents. Scottish is all we know.

Blanche Renfrow (1903-1982?)
her parents = Laura Ann Crawford (1860-1914?) and **Joseph Renfrow (1858-1943)

Laurie Crawford's parents = Priscilla Newbury (1820-1898) and John Crawford (1819-1864)
Eventually I linked Priscilla to parents **Elias Newbury & *Nancy Henderson. Unclear which of two brothers were the father of Elias, so still clear who paternal grandfather was (but not so clear on other grandparents). Other people are trying to find parents of Nancy Henderson, I could dig a little, but unlikely to add much.

Joseph Renfrow's parents = Silas Renfrow (1828-1889) and Nancy Jane Mahurin (1832-1864).
The Mahurin and Renfrow clans are well researched, best I can contribute is to enrich details about the lives of Joseph and family, get photos, etc.

So Who looks most interesting

Dad's side:

Charles L. McKay's grandparents
Elias Newbury (father esp)
Nancy Henderson (parents)
John Robson, Isabella Ward
David Brady & wife Elizabeth (do I have a maiden name?)

Mom's side:

Rachel Irvin
John and Hannah White
Susana Brewer link to Janie + Harmon
Janie Grubbs and Harmon Brewer
Ezra Russell's parents (firm up my notes)
Elizabeth Ware
Judith Nash
Margaret Jackson link to Lucinda & Jeremiah
Lucinda & Jeremiah Jackson


by Cathy McKay on 28 August 2015
Are you still searching for Charles L. McKay? Neil H. and Flora McKay's son? I stumbled across your family searches while trying to find Kenneth Hector McKay (Neil H.s Father) as he is supposed to be my G.G.Grandfather's Father as well. I am skeptical at this point that Neil H. is my Alexander John's brother. I have studied Neil H. and his family extensively trying to find some proof. As for Charles L., I have his birth as 1894 in North Dakota, death 13Jun1949 in Los Angeles, CA. I read your Mckay family article and found it interesting. Loved seeing the pic of Flora. I did find a few errors or answers in your information. Feel free to email me if you want to. I found a lot of info on your article...Thanks!
by Julii Swindells on 02 September 2015
Hi Cathy, I apologise because this page is rather out of date, I have a lot of data on most the folk here, must update this. Many thanks for your info :).
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