Bacon family in Suffolk, England 1600-1650

Records gleaned (so far, others not found yet) from a visit to the Ipswich Suffolk Records office September 2011; mostly taken from transcripts rather than microfiche copies of parish records (too hard to read at length!). NB: I know these records are very incomplete snapshots of what was happening.

Boyd's marriage index Males 1600-1650
1607 Cleophas Bacon + A. Wodel, Ipswich St. Margaret
1610 Dan Bacon + Susan Rothe, Little Wenham
1614 Nathaniel Bacon + Jane Cornwalleis [sic], Brome
1625 John Bacon + Mary Hart, Ipswich St. Lawrence
NO OTHER MARRIAGES LISTED FOR NATHANIEL BACON 1600-1625; also tried alternative spellings of Becon, Beacon and Bakon, no Nathaniel marriages with these surnames, either. No Bacon men married to anyone called Alice or Elizabeth in this period, either.
1626 Nath + Susanna Patridge, Ipswich St. Lawrence
1630 Nath + Mary Alefounder, Belstead
1637 John Alefounder + Mary Silvester, Ipswich St. Matthew
No other Nathaniel Bacon marriages in 1600-1650

NB: 1614 marriage of Nathaniel Bacon the painter, lived at Culford, husband of Jane Cornwallis, seventh son of Nicholas the Baronet (and not one of my people of relevance).

Alefounder marriages in the period 1625-1650: Matthew in Rayton, Rob in Sibdon, William in Ketton, Henry in Brantham, Ric in Syleham and John in Fakenham Great Something.

Belstead parish records
Baptisms: records missing
Marriages 1620-1663: Nat. Bacon + Mary Alefounder ? August 1630 (not in transcripts, cannot read parish record well). Another entry here about "Nathaniel and wife... Clarke... of October
Burials 1603-1685: none
Churchyard inscriptions: none

Bramford parish records
Baptisms to Thomas + Lore Bacon: 20 Feb 1591/2 James; 7 Jul 1594 Peter; 21 Oct 1596 Andrew; 22 March 1598/99 Nathaniell; 12 Aug 1602 Barnabab; 24 March 1604 Daniell.
NB: that's missing two sons, Mathias and Thomas, SRO researcher ran out of time before he could find them.
Marriages 1582-1653: 1582 Will Bacon with Eliz. Gilderslive; 1604 Alex Digby with Mary Bacon; 1611 Edward Helmes with Lore Bacon; 1621 John Cooke with Joan Bacon; 1622 John Peeke with Bitteris Bacon.
Churchyard: 1802 inscription for Ann W. of Bacon Dentfield age 34.

Brome parish record transcriptions
Baptisms 1600-1662: 17 Mar 1610 Thomas Cornwaleys son of William Cornwaleys
24 Mar 1612 Anne Cornwaleys d of William Cornwaleys
18 Sep 1617 Nicholas son of "Nathaniel Bacon Esq".Other children NB the painter had with wife Jane Cornwallis were Anne and John
15 Sep 1636 Frederick son of Frederick Cornwaleys Knight Baronet and Eliz. his wife
Marriages + Burials: no data.

Burstall parish records
Baptisms after 1600-1658: 12 April 1608 Lawrence sonne of Thomas; Thomas sonne of Thomas on 13 Oct 1610
: 7 or 10 Jul 1636 Thomas, 13 Dec 1638 Susan, 1642 Apr 3 Mary, 31 Jul 1644 Sara and 21 Apr 1647 Stephen ALL of Lawrence and Susanna

Chattisham parish records
Baptisms 1602-1654: 20 Mar 1654 John Bacon to John and Ann
Marriages: 1606-1668 no Bacons
Burials 1601-1667 no Bacons

No Copdock parish records before 1701.

Ipswich St. Lawrence parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms: many including Ann 1578, 1585 and 1627; Cleophas son of Nicholas 7 Feb 1582; George 1607 (marr. 1578, buried 1603); 1627 Feb 14 Ann of Nicholas; no others 1600-1660
Marriages: Nathaniel 1626 marr; Mary 1625. Lots of other Bacons.

Ipswich St. Margaret parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms 1600-1647: 18 Dec 1625 ?Henry to Thomas; 22 Feb 1628 Simon to Simon; 12 Feb 1636 Mary to Simon; 2 Feb 1643 John to Thomas; 9 Aug 1646 James to Thomas "Bakcon"; 5 Nov 1646 Thomas to Thomas "Bakcon".
Marriages 1600-1654: Sam Moulsen to Helen Bacon

Ipswich St. Mary at Elm parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms 1602-1650: no Bacon.
Marriages 1595-1662: none
Burials 1601-1653: none
Churchyard: none

Ipswich St. Mary Tower parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms 1600-1662: 1618 Nov 15 Jeane d. of Matthias Bacon
Marriages 1614-1653: none earlier; 1653 James Bacon (of St. Stephen) marr Alice Strong (of same)
Burials 1614 (none earlier) - 1667: 1620 Nov 24 Matthias Bacon.

Ipswich St. Matthew parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms 1592-1662: Eliz. 1592, Mary 1595, Thomas 1596, no other Bacons before 1700s, plenty of Shermans
Churchyard: 1835 Charles Bacon son of John + Rebecca, other post 1835 entries; one transcription summaries has some records before 1600 and after 1665.

Ipswich St. Nicholas parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Marriages: only after 1692
Burials 1601-1653: none
Churchyard: none

Ipswich St. Stephen parish record transcriptions, Bacon surname
Baptisms 1601-1648: 14 Nov 1614 Brid "Becon" of Will+Alice; 1635 Edward baptised to Sarah Bacon.
Marriages 1601-1661: 14 Jun 1635 "Bakon Nich." + "Smith Sar."
Burials 1601-1653: 3 Oct 1615 Brid Becon; 17 Jul 1643 Backen son of ?
Churchyard: none

Ipswich Cemetery transcriptions, Bacon surname: lots of Bacons, but none to excite me.

Little Wenham parish records (thanks to SRO for help)
Baptisms to Nathaniel Bacon + wife Susan: 17 Apr 1629 Jhon; 12 Aug 1632 Marie; 20 Apr 1634 Andrew; 2 Feb 1635/6 Nathaniel register specifically says he was born 22 Jan 1635/6); 5 Nov 1637 James; 25 Apr 1639 William; 27 Apr 1641 Lore; 21 Dec 1643 Elizabeth; 13 March 1644/45 Daniel; 13 Nov 1651 Philip.
NB: I didn't search for other Bacon records in Little Wenham

Sproughton parish records
Eliz. Bacon d of Robert + Ann 1 Jan 1623 (could not read if this was baptised or buried).
A few other Bacon entries after 1673.

Washbrooke parish records
Baptisms 1619-1625: only 26 Sep 1626 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel Bacon and wife Elizabeth.
Marriages 1590-1697: no Bacons
Burials 1572-1695: Anne Bacon 16 Nov 1572; John Bacon 17 Jun 1574; Nicholas Bacon 24 Jan 1586 "slayne with a carte", and Eliz. wife of Nathaniel Bacon 26 Sep 1626.
NB: Lots of Shermans in Washbrooke records.


by julian bacon on 06 July 2023
Any Nayland Bacon records woudl be of interest - Abraham Bacon 1761 - 1834 the son of Robert Bacon and Rose/Rosamund/Rosamond Thurston..and anything before that. Cheers Julian
by marion Judson on 06 December 2014
searching fruitlessley for Wollastan Bacon who was born in the Ipswich area about 1760 (father John). Married Sarah Whayman about 1794. Wollastan was a mariner & died in Ipswich about 1862.

His daughter Mary Ann was my 3xg grandmother.

by beverley bowry on 10 February 2015
Suffolk Burials CD has a Wollaston Bacon buried 21st May 1892 at the age of 95. Living in Foundation St Ipswich at that time by the look of it. Hope this is helpful.
by Bev Bowry on 09 March 2014
I'm from Suffolk, and in the last 18 months I've discovered I'm descended from Bacons who lived in various places around here. I'm now searching for the parents of a Nathaniel Bacon who was having children with his wife Elizabeth in Cretingham in the 1650s. I've amassed lots on info on all branches of the Bacons, but am always eager for more. Your info is very interesting to me so thank you.
by julian bacon on 30 August 2018
if you have any research that reaches an Elias Bacon(died 1730 in suffolk) and had a son Robert b 1702 in Nayland, I would be keen to hear! I have my tree from him to present. cheers Julian
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