Propane Tanks

The correct storage of propane is extremely important, as it is a highly flammable, pressurised fuel routinely stored in close proximity to residences.

The size of a propane tank varies from the portable Calor Gas bottles right up to units weighing a ton or more. The range of Calor Gas includes Propane Gas, Butane Gas, Patio Gas, BBQ Gas and Forklift Gas. You will also find Campingaz bottles that are suitable for camping.

The propane tank used to supply a domestic property is usually located at ground level, and will store anything from 150 to 1000 gallons. The tank is never completely filled and the propane is always stored in liquid form, even if appliances burn it as propane gas.

The golden rule of propane tanks is that you should never attempt to repair or modify your propane gas tank unless you are properly qualified to do so. You should also ensure that the supply line (LPG yard line) to your house is properly installed by a qualified installer. The propane supply line will typically be made of copper or polyethylene.

A propane tank must be positioned with consideration to its surroundings, including buildings and other propane tanks. Tank size plays a part, but typically a ten foot rule of thumb can be used.


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