Nero CD and DVD Burner Software

In case you lose the Nero CD that came with your CD or DVD writer, here is Ahead's official response:

"Sorry, but we are not responsible for lost or damaged Nero installation CDs.

"For OEM bundles, meaning a recorder that came with our Nero software, you must contact the vendor you purchased the product from for any replacements.

"The cost to you for a replacement from Ahead directly, and shipping costs, prevents this from being a viable solution.

"However, we do have a quick solution. As long as you have your Nero Serial Key, you can easily download our Nero software from our website at and install using your Nero serial key to unlock from Demo mode. This will provide you with an exact copy of the Version of Nero that came with your Recorder, except you'll have the latest release possible.

"For Future needs, you can always burn the EXE file you downloaded to CD, and we suggest you also burn a text file containing your Nero serial key to this same CD, for future installation needs."


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