Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change

The Department for Communities and Local Government has published a paper entitled Planning and Climate Change (PDF). This document establishes that better planning (of development locations) will reduce our need to travel, and this will lead to a reduction in car dependency and benefit cycling and walking. This is fundamental to meeting our climate change goals.

Here are the references to cycling:

  • "... deliver patterns of urban growth and sustainable rural developments that help secure the fullest possible use of sustainable transport for moving freight, public transport, cycling and walking; and, which overall, reduce the need to travel, especially by car."
  • "... providing for safe and attractive walking and cycling opportunities including, where appropriate, secure cycle parking and changing facilities."
It asks planning authorities to consider whether there is a realistic choice of access by means other than the private car, and to look for opportunities to service the site through sustainable transport. These are aspirations, not pragmatic guidance.


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