Cyclo-cross is the less well known of the cycling disciplines, maybe because it doesn't qualify for either the winter or summer Olympics calendars. It really is a mixed bag! Having said that, the sport is in rapid growth, at all ages, although it's still not as popular with women and girls. Races are typically broken up by age groups.

Regional Leagues in the UK

There are a number of UK cyclocross leagues that anyone with a British Cycling license can join. Here is a list, heading roughly from South to North:

If I've missed any out, give me a shout!

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Useful Links

For some useful background information from someone that knows, watch this British Cycling video featuring David Fletcher (2008, 2009 UK cyclocross under-23's champ):

Further Reading

Eastern Cross League, 2014

Now that the league is open for online registration, I thought it would be good to have a page of useful information about it. Registration ...

Cyclocross courses in Eastern England

All cyclocross course are the same, right? Wrong! They all have certain basic requirements - fast off-road riding, obstacles, technical sections ...

An introduction to Cyclocross

If you are thinking about having fun on your bike but don't fancy racking up miles on the road, then cyclo-cross may be for you. Here you ...

Mistley Cross

Everyone enjoyed a really warm day of racing and spectating at the Mistley Cross event on Furze Hill. After last year's storm damage, the ...

Springfield Cross

A soggy bottom caused by recent heavy rain did little to slow the pace in all the races at Chelmsford's Springfield Hall Park on Sunday. There ...

Amis Velo Hillyfields Supacross

What a hot and dusty event! With no rain falling in weeks, occasional sunshine, temperatures nudging 20 degrees C and a strong breeze blowing ...

Essex Roads Cross

It was a warm day of racing on the Gloucester Park hill in Basildon, and most people had an enjoyable ride on the grassy climbs and descents ...

Eastern Cross 2013 Round 13: Iceni Velo Chris Cross

Conditions were bright and cool, with a light south-westerly breeze that wasn't much of a hindrance to the riders. Womens' and Vets Race ...

East & South East Regional Cyclocross Champs

Weather conditions were perfect and competition was fierce on this brand-new custom-built course at Trinity Park in Ipswich. The course was ...

Eastern Cross 2013 Round 9: Hempton Cross

Conditions were perfect for the Hempton cyclocross event, despite a misty start to the day and rain earlier in the week. A light breeze made ...

Rapha Super Cross 2013: round 2, Manchester

There's a blog entry on the website, UK Super Cross 2013 - Rounds One & Two, and they also have a page of 2013 Super Cross Series ...

Rapha Super Cross 2013: round 1, Skipton

There's a blog entry on the website, UK Super Cross 2013 - Rounds One & Two, and they also have a page of 2013 Super Cross Series ...

Eastern Cross 2013 Round 6: Amis Velo Hillyfields Supacross

Scattered showers in the days leading up to the event made for some very muddy and tricky riding. The early racers (under 10s and under 12s ...

Eastern Cross 2013 Round 2: Springfield Cross

Under 10's Race Despite starting near the back, on the third row of the grid, Tristan managed to finish 4th and was very happy with it. ...

Eastern Cross 2013 league registration

The 2013-14 league entry for cyclocross in the eastern region was opened on August 15, and is administered on the BC website: Eastern Cyclo ...


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November 2014 7 events December 2014 2 events January 2015 2 events February 2015 1 event

Coming soon...

02 November 2014 (Sunday): Grafham Water Cross

08 November 2014 (Saturday): West Suffolk Cross

09 November 2014 (Sunday): Revolution Cross

16 November 2014 (Sunday): Hempton Cross

22 November 2014 (Saturday): Redgrave Cross

23 November 2014 (Sunday): Ipswich Cross

30 November 2014 (Sunday): Norwich ABC Cross

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