Solar Readings for NR28 0JG

This is our roof-mounted solar installation, installed by Green Home Energy Solutions (Blofield, Norwich) on 7 November 2011.

It consists of twelve Sanyo panels, which adds up to 3kW of peak power.


by Steve Rogers on 25 December 2011 Reply
What are the units on the ordinate? The numbers don't make sense to me! You must have a very sunny spot to generate 100 kWh in less than a month in winter! I'm green with envy!


by John Swindells on 28 January 2012 Reply
Hi Steve, how has the new year been for your solar? As you can see, I've been averaging around 30 units per week - some days with just a unit or two, but helped out by 10-unit days!
by John Swindells on 25 December 2011 Reply
These are indeed kWh measurements, so pretty good for the time of year. There have been several very sunny days producing 9 units per day, despite the short daylight hours of course. I can't wait for summer!
by Steve Rogers on 27 December 2011 Reply
Wish I'd gone for Sanyo panels! I think we have a microclimate, living on the West escarpment of the North Yorkshire Moors. All this moist Atlantic air seems to create a lot of orographic cloud here in a westerly. Hadn't realised this happened so often, but I guess we'll catch up sometime (e.g. we are usually above any fog in the sunshine).

My inverter seems to get stuck about 30V below its start voltage on these dull days.


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