Life at Mindcom

Fail early and get on with business

This is the advice from Tim O'Shea, Mindcom's managing director, when he was interviewed by Elaine Maslin for the Friday edition of the EDP business pages on August 6 2010.

Elaine Maslin is acting head of business at Archant Norfolk and can be found on Twitter as @elaine_maslin.


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Mindcom Hits The Front Page!

Okay, we're only on the front page of a regional newspaper with daily circulation under 8000, but it's still pretty cool:
Web Firm A Global Hit and its sheer size - especially considering how few of us are in the company - is the focus of the article. Chris managed to describe most of the questions on Blurtit as 'mundane', but apart from that it read pretty well.

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EDP: Norfolk firm answers web profit puzzle

@EDPMary: Best bit of this is the list of daft questions at the bottom


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New Piece of Coffee Drinking Hardware

This is the mug everyone will want in years to come, you mark my words! Blurtit while you drink!


by Tim on 01 May 2009
Hide it somewhere safe then John!
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