Millers Grove Cabernet Sauvignon tasted

This is a delicious, pungent red that infuses your senses. Very tasty too!

Here's what the label reads. Not very informative, but nice and earthy like the wine:
For Aussie know-how there's no-one like Graham Buller, senior red winemake at Berri Estates. ... That's why he's masterminding Millers Grove Private Reserve - part of the new wave of great Aussie wines.
This reserve wine putst eh drama back into cabernet, effortlessly notching up a rich mint and chocolate signature for the ripe, rip-roaring, down under style. For food matching, raid the farmyard or line up hearty meat-free options.


by Hazel Waters on 06 February 2011
This wine was given as a gift to me from my son, who has an excellent knowledge of wines, as did my late husband. My friend and I spent an evening drinking and thoroughly enjoying our wine. It has a lovely, what I would call mellow and gentle taste. I have to be honest I have never been a red wine drinker, but this is wonderful. Iintend to purchase more.
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