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Higher quality, lower prices. Welcome to Claret lovers' Paradise

Chateaux Roc MignonNow is the time to stock up on Claret. Quality has never been better or prices lower, and Château Roc Mignon is a lovely gentle red going for a song.

  • Outstanding quality Claret that's never been better
  • From a multi award-winning estate
  • Brilliant vintage
  • Lowest price we've seen in years

We have managed to secure just 250 cases, so contact us today.

While élite Crus Classés clarets are supported by the world's wealthiest wine lovers, domestic demand for Bordeaux’s more accessible wines is slowing. Yet the irony is that these petits châteaux clarets have never been better.

To illustrate the point we present you with the Pobeba family's Château Roc Mignon, from the stunning 2004 vintage. This is a handcrafted blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from their painstakingly tended 20-hectare estate near Monségur. Dark, ripe, succulent and smooth, it's full of classic blackcurrant and liquorice character with just a hint of sweet spice.


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