Mission Accomplished - but Never Again!

Well, I managed to actually do this tandem parachute jump, and it was quite an exhilarating experience. In truth, though, I can't see myself doing such a high-altitude stunt like that again!

I was last into the tiny Cessna plane, crammed in with thirteen other people, and consequently got to sit by the sliding exit door at the side. When we finally got up to the desired height (somewhere over 10,000 feet), the instructor I was strapped to pushed the door up - leaving me sitting right on the edge and inches from a plummet to the ground. All I had to do was shuffle myself around until I was literally dangling over the edge of the plane, and a couple of moments later my instructor dropped us both out! It was incredible during the free-fall: we were hurtling down, my face was getting a huge rush of air, and I barely had time to think before the parachute was deployed and we jolted to a gentle descent. To speed up the descent the instructor put us into a few spins, which I really hadn't been expecting and which made me feel quite nauseous; looking at the horizon during this spinning really helped, though. We seemed to drift for a while, and I could see the drop zone getting larger for a couple of minutes. However, coming in to land was really fast, and I barely had time to wave at the people on the ground before I got into a sitting position and we slid to a halt on the grass. I was very relieved to be back on solid ground!


by Ranjit on 19 September 2011
Absolute admiration for you my dear x
by John Swindells on 19 September 2011
Thanks, Ranjit!
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