Broken leg whilst skating

Truly worth only visiting once, this one. See, once upon a time I met this nice girl called Julii, who got me really keen on skating.
(Here's a picture of her skating backwards)

Anyway, on about my fourth time on these slick wheels I broke my leg, while trying to do a very complicated manoeuvre - stopping. As the X-rays show, it was a nice clean break (left lower leg bent outwards), and was repaired using a rather large nail hammered down the centre of the tibia.

Despite all this, Julii's dead keen to take our son skating one day. He's only 5 at the moment, and I'm sure you can't get skates, let alone inlines, in size 10 (kiddie size). Thank goodness for that! He's reckless enough on bare feet, and the last thing he needs is to go faster... However, if anyone knows what sort of age/size skates start at, that would be useful.

Jon King's Damage

This is more of a dodgy knee problem, but kind of follows on nicely from my broken leg. Jon had to have his knee operation shortly after I'd broken my leg.


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