UK start-up claims GPS can be added to all digital cameras
Swindon-based start-up Air Semiconductor has given details of its first product, a semiconductor device which it claimed will provide low power and cost effective GPS location technology in mobile phones and digital cameras.

The power consumption of the GPS add-on device should be around 1% of the power drawn by current GPS devices, with only 1mA drawn when continuously tracking.

Companies might be missing a trick here, but shouldn't it be possible to mount such a low power (and presumably small) device inside a memory card such as an SD card? How much of a CPU would be required to monitor the contents of the card? It would have to notice when a new JPEG file appears in the storage, do a GPS geolocation check and modify the EXIF data of the JPEG. I reckon that all of this could easily be fitted inside an SD card or a Sony Memory Stick. It would sell like hot cakes too.


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