Other Camera options, Printing

My camera of choice is the Kodak LS743. Note that all the cameras reviewed below are video-capable, so there are plenty cheaper options (higher resolution too) if you aren't bothered with that. I'd still give the Kodaks first look though - they are well into the integration thing with the PC and/or printer. They use the 'easydock' system for this I believe.

Think carefully about the not-so-obvious features - weight for example. Do you want something wallet-sized, that compromises on zoom, or doesn't that matter?

A good site for camera reviews is http://www.dpreview.com

I've no idea about printers, except that you need to be careful how much replacement cartridges cost, and how much ink they hold. The cheapest printers are virtually sold at a loss, because of the markup on replacement cartridges, so you might expect better long-term running costs on a mid-range model. Also, mid-range models can feature LCD screens that alow you to choose the area/size of a piccie you wish to print, direct from the camera.


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