Vertical Wind EnergyTurbine

Vertical Wind Energy Ltd has developed a 6kW wind turbine unit, designed so that the blades are vertical and spinning around a vertically-aligned generator.

On its website Technology: Products: Page 4, the company makes the following statement:

Our new 6kW vertical axis wind turbine is currently undergoing evaluation. This is designed to predominantly meet the needs of large dwellings, company premises and farms.

In manufacture, we aim to use many of the components of the 3kW machine with essentially longer blades. Mast and foundations structures will be larger, though we continue to use the 12m masts as standard.

We are currently finalising the prices of the unit following our beta test trials and the 6kW version will be available in the first quarter of 2010.

The turbine cuts in around 6m/s (around 10mph), and reaches maximum capacity at 12.5m/s (20mph). Each blade is over 6m (20ft) long and they rotate on a 3.27m (10.5ft) diameter circle. No noise data has been provided, which is a great shame given that this is a new technology and needs to be compared to other wind systems.

Data taken from the company's Field3 Mk.1 PDF document.


by smj on 26 January 2012
Hi, wondering if anyone has a VWE Ltd turbine installed. They are no longer trading and ours needs repaired. I have found a company who will try to help. Just wondered if anyone else in same predicament and what they are doing about servicing even if operational?
by John Swindells on 04 April 2013
Hi SMJ, would the reply from David Stanton be of any use to you now?
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