Windsave Turbine Getting Blown Over

We have some unfortunate news to report: our wind turbine, installed 2.5 years ago by The Mark Group (for Windsave), is on the tilt. It's crooked. Leaning.

We noticed it while it was spinning merrily in a brisk northerly breeze - from a distance it didn't look in line with other vertical objects (eg, house walls). Sure enough, the base of the vertical tube has moved away from its anchor point and is sitting somehow on the base plate.

The turbine is switched off for now, and we await Windsave's verdict. A quick remedial fix should be in order.


by Gordon on 27 October 2010 Reply
Yes it can be costly. A scaffold tower from HSS hire will cost around 100 for up to 10m. If you do pack it you will have to be careful not to use a material that is too hard as noise will transfer into the building. The point of the rubber is to reduce the noise.
by Gordon on 27 October 2010 Reply
I just came across your story, I used to install the Windsave turbine. Not sure if you still have it up but what has happened is the Bottom rubber mount has sheared. The design of the bottom bracket means that is safe and won't fall over but a new rubber is required. Unfortunately Windsave went bust in Sept 09 so you will have to find your own way to repair it. you could try packing the bottom bracket with something this will at least allow you run the system again and get some power back from it. Assuming it still works anyway.
by John Swindells on 27 October 2010 Reply
Wow, thanks for your suggestion Gordon! Our big problem actually is getting up there - not having looked into cherry pickers or scaffolding options yet. It could be quite expensive...

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