Planning Permission Granted!

Ok, we now have planning permission for our Windsave turbine. It's temporary approval until 31 May 2008, because of the uncertainty over noise bothering other residents.

So now we have to apply for a grant, but now that's not straighforward. Here's a quote from the LowCarbon website:

You can also call your local Energy Saving Trust advice centre on 0800 512012 for guidance on energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency grants available in your area.

Please note that there is a cap on funds available each month for householder grants. The funds for March have now been allocated. Grants for householders are issued on a first come, first served basis until the monthly funding pot is fully allocated. Funding is made available at 9am on the first working day of the month. Funds will re-open on April 2nd at 9am.

Their excuse for the funds cap is this:

The total fund available to the household stream is now £12.7 million, up from £6.5 million due to a higher than expected demand.

The higher than anticipated demand since the scheme was launched has meant that the limited funds available to householders would have been exhausted by early 2007. Introducing a monthly cap enables the funds to last to June 2008.

From 1 December 2006, householders will be able to apply for funding from a £0.5 million pot. This amount will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We shall call the Mark Group (0845 3904390), to inform that we have planning approval but won't get a grant decision until April.
We won't send in the contract until we have grant letter.
What we don't know is the lead time on installation.

There are bureaucratic delays every step of the way.... we wonder if we shall get the turbine installed before the planning permission expires!


by Mr Payne on 07 May 2007
regarding the wind turbines at the crane's site north walsham. I am a resident of bardfield rd and have been since my birth. i am frankly disgusted with the idea of this proposal. the first we heard of this was when temporary planning permission had already been granted. where was our chance of objecting this before what seems to be this had been sneeked in the back door?? i have visited the sites at both yarmouth and caistor both of which are a great distance away from residential areas and the reasons are apparent. the noise levels from these turbines are remarkable! the proposed site would render the resonable peace and quite of our gardens a thing of the past. this will cause residents nothing but stress and heart ache not to mention the financial downturn in our properties. if you could send me the address where i can make a formal objection to this plan i would be most grateful.

yours sincerely


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