Environmental Impact Assessment

We had a call from Sally Harris, Environmental Health officer at the NNDC. She is concerned that since we're the first North Norfolk application for a turbine in a residential area, she doesn't know what to do about approving our turbine! Ours would obviously create a precedent. On our recommendation she will speak to other local authorities to gauge feedback.

Clearly there have been other approved installations of the WS-1000, but discovering environmental impact assessment research into these might be tricky. We naturally hope that the assessment is speedy and positive, but the council may be wary of opening the floodgates to other applications.

To be honest we wouldn't be happy if the turbines had a negative noise assessment throughout the warranty period of the turbine, and would make a lot of noise ourselves if we or our neighbours weren't happy. The product is being marketed as a 'bolt on the side of your house' solution and must therefore be quiet enough for that use.


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