Site Survey

Well, our man from the Mark Group came and was satisfied with the location and aspect of the proposed wind turbine. There were a few caveats however:
  • The TV aerial would have to move - to at least 2m clear of the position of the wind turbine. Apparently the turbine does create some electromagnetic interference, plus the aerial in its current position (right at the top of the gable end) would be in the way.
  • It would be possible to position the turbine below the ridge line, further towards the back of the house, if planning permission was to be a problem.
  • The invertor unit measures 24" high, 10" wide and 6" deep, which would fit neatly in the kitchen cupboard that also houses the fuse box. This unit would however require a fused spur, which would be achieve by sacrificing one of the mains sockets nearby.

I checked with our council (North Norfolk) about planning permission, and they still treat wind turbines the same as any addition to a dwelling. If the entirety of the turbine (including blades) stays below the ridgeline of the house them no permission is required. Otherwise, we need to cough up £138 and wait 6 weeks for the planning notice to run its course. The extra efficiency achieved by the higher positioning of the turbine is probably worth going down the planning route. The council is in receipt of technical documentation from Windsave on the WS-1000, so all we need to provide in our application is site information, including the survey results provided by the Mark Group.


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