Windsave are Taking Orders

It's now mid-June, and Windsave have been accepting orders for their ES1000 1KW domestic wind turbine for a few weeks now. They say that they have already had over 600 orders (no-obligation, subject to site survey), with site surveys due to start in August.

An important bit of information Windsave gave us is the order in which we should handle the red tape:

  1. Place the order for a site survey. Just email Windsave (see the Windsave website) for an order form.
  2. Check the energy efficiency of your home - there are certain measures you must have taken before you will be eligible for a grant. See our Low-Carbon Grants Explained entry on 23 April 2006. Basically it's Insulation,Lightbulbs and Central Heating Control that matter.
  3. Wait for the site survey and their results. If they give the thumbs up, you're ready to tackle the Authorities.
  4. Apply for Planning Permission from your local council. Yes, wind turbines do need planning permission (for the time being). Yes, it will cost you: around £100 - £150.
  5. At the same time as applying for planning permision, apply for a Stream-1 grant from the Low Carbon Buildings programme.
They were quite clear that we don't apply for grants or planning permission until we've been given the green light from the site survey, performed by Windsave itself.


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