UK Government Budget 2006

Gordon Brown's budget includes a handful of green measures, and one is aimed at renewables generation. From the speech:
I can also announce a new fund, initially £50 millions, for microgeneration technologies which make it possible for homes and businesses to generate their own renewable energy. The purpose of this £50 million fund is to show how we can make these technologies from wind turbines to solar heating, affordable to schools, housing associations, businesses including local authority tenants - initially 25,000 buildings.

The Friends of the Earth has this to say:

The commitment of new money to help kick start markets for micro-generation technologies, such as small wind turbines and solar water heating equipment, is very welcome but needs to be backed by strong policies, including through the conclusions of the energy review.

None of this is going to immediately benefit people thinking of installing a wind turbine on their own home, but the money may help to bring more cost-effective technology to the market.


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