Background Information

Here are some pages that outline the costs and practicalities of domestic wind turbines.
  • A Wind and Wind Power Report from the Iowa Energy Center gives technical descriptions of wind power, and what affects it, plus how to measure it.
  • Green Living (James Lea, June 2005) analyses the cost and comes up with a surprising answer.
  • The Guardian (John Vidal, November 2003) published an article about the Windsave turbine system.
  • The BBC (October 2005) talks about the financials, planning considerations and how much difference it might make.
  • promotes their product, and explains a lot of safety aspects to mains-voltage electricity generation.
  • Eclectic Energy They are Nottingham-based and sell the D400 StealthGen, costing £875.00 plus installation costs. It only produces 40W at 10 knots.
  • Renewable Devices sells the Swift 1.5kW turbine, which currently costs £5000 for purchase and installation.
  • Proven Energy has pretty tough turbines, and gives prices and grant information for its range (starting at over £7000 for a 600W (@12m/s) mast-mounted grid-connect installation.
  • has a budget wind turbine kit (under £500) that's designed to store excess electricity in batteries, which then power the mains through an invertor. This would save electricity, but wouldn't put excess electricity back into the Grid.
  • The Energy Saving Trust has a section on Domestic Electricity generation.
  • The British Wind Energy Association explains the different types of Small Wind Technology, and how to get started.
  • Wind and Sun Ltd has loads of practical advice and a highly confusing price list.
  • The Solar Energy Alliance has prices on various scales of wind turbine. They're based in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
  • Homemade Wind Turbines Forum - quite quiet, but worth a look.
  • A to Z Generators A wind turbine generator resource.
Here are some details of Small Systems Suppliers from the BWEA website:
CompanyPhoneMembership type
Ampair (Boost Energy Systems)01344 303 311Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Brumac Wind Systems Ltd01561378899Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Chalcroft Construction01386 561965Companywebsiteemailmore info
Econcern+31 30 2808300Companywebsiteemailmore info
Iskra Wind Turbine Manufacturers Limited0845 838 0588Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Marlec Engineering Co Ltd01536 201 588Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Proven Energy Limited01560 485 570Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Renewable Devices Ltd0131 535 3301Companywebsiteemailmore info
Segen Ltd01252 401025Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info
Windsave Ltd0141 4207400Companywebsiteemailmore info
XCO2 / Quiet Revolution020 7700 1000Correspondentwebsiteemailmore info


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