Irons in the Fire

Here is a message from Anna, a satisfied customer of Irons In The Fire in Fakenham:
Just to let you know that I have had a hell of a job finding someone to install a stove. Quotes have been huge and opinions vary wildly. I just needed a small stove put into what had been an open fireplace, which would mean removing hideous decorative brickwork and making good, re-jigging the existing pamment hearth and opening up the sides of the chimney-breast a little. This morning I had a phone call Carl Brown from Irons In The Fire in Fakenham, who had been to look at the place yesterday. (The house is being renovated, so I am not in residence yet so all of these people have had to manage without my input on site). He had swept the chimney, put up a CCTV camera to check the liner and flue openings, removed a dead starling, and gave me a quote of just under £1,000 to do everything. Other quotes have been £2,000 and more and they didn't do any of this stuff! I was seriously impressed - and relieved! Hope this is useful to someone.


by Tom Brown on 12 September 2011
Carl did a good job on my place. However, Make sure you agree EXACTLY what you expect him to do to avoid confusion, or him adding jobs on later, you could end up being asked to pay more than you expected.
by Anna Farlow` on 11 July 2010
Work was satisfactorily completed on 9th July.

Everyone else had blinded me with science about flues, linings etc but hadn't done any of the things Carl Brown of Irons in the Fire had done - including removing the starling which had clearly been there for some time!

I had also been recommended to try a man called James Brown (no relation) in Diss. His 'phone number is 01379 677242. Very nice guy who seems to know what he is talking about - just too far away from my house.

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