The Register Plate

The register plate is a sheet placed horizontally above a stove. The stove's flue pipe runs through it, and it is sealed all round the edges to prevent ash and fumes coming down.

Stoves Online has a useful page on register plates, and Bowyer at offers some sensible (but unqualified) advice.

The register plate we had installed for us (by a HETAS-certified installer) was a sheet of fireboard, and wasn't sealed fully around the edges. There was also very little seal around the stove flue pipe. Our sweep wouldn't go near it (until we'd got our installer back in) for fear of smashing up the fireboard with his brush.


by Brian on 28 November 2011
I opted for a stainless steel register plate. It's survived it's first year's use plus sweeping, so I guess I made a good choice!
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