Stove Accessories: Cleaner and Thermometer

Looking for a stove thermometer and flue cleaning powder. Couple of sites here:
  • Stove Centre Chimney cleaner (Reduces tar build up, 750g, will not replace yearly sweeping) £11 inc vat; Stove Thermometer £13.50 inc vat. Delivery would be £15, in time for Christmas.
  • FiresnFlames Magnetic stove pipe thermometer £14.71 +vat; Chimney cleaner additive (750g) £11.86. Delivery £6 (UK mainland) but not in time for Christmas.
  • Heatcraft Anglia Thermometers £19-25, FlueFree Cleaner (750g, good for roughly two seasons) £10. All in stock. Close enough for me to visit in person!
  • Anglia Woodburner Centre Thermometers £15-20 (no stock until New Year); Flue Cleaner Powder (500g) £8.50.


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