Our New Stove

We now have a small stove in our front room. Originally there was a tiny open fireplace (with an opening barely more than 300mm across). Chopping back the brick fascia and removing the fireback, gave us a roughly 600mm cube which was plenty of room for a stove.

We rendered the insides of the opening with plasticised mortar, painted it liberally with masonry paint, and had the specialists (Anglia Woodburner Centre) in to install the stove. Having specialists in was important for two reasons:

  1. The chimney pot was uncapped, and we would periodically get birds (pigeons, even) coming all the way down the chimney. Someone therefore would have to cap it.
  2. Building Regulations (UK) cover stove installations, and a HETAS certificate is the only simple way for a homeowner to be 'legal'. Always check that your stove installer is HETAS registered before signing them up!
The stove in the picture is a Suffolk Larch (the ST-0311), cast iron, 410mm high and rated at 5kW. The installers spent around four hours installing it, and finished the job very nicely. It was definitely the right move having them install it!


on 20 July 2011
pretty shabby lookin job overall!
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