So, what am I?

The sort of thing that Americans tend to obsess about, what ethnic origins do I have?

Near as I can tell, for me it breaks down like so:

My paternal grandmother Merwyn McKay: her father was 100% descended from Scots. Her mother was about an sixteenth scottish, a sixteenth German, and otherwise (probably) English. So that makes Merwyn about 17/32s (just more than half) Scottish, 1/32 German, and 7/16 (jsut less than half) English.

My paternal grandfather, Bob Brainard: his dad George Robert was virtually 100% English. His mother was a quarter Swiss German, and otherwise (3/4) Scots-Irish. So that makes Bob half English, an eight Swiss German, and 3/8 Scots-Irish.

That makes my dad just about 23/64 (36%) Scots Irish, 5/64 (8%) Germanic, and 9/16 (56%) English.

My paternal grandfather, Charles Marion Bacon was just about 100% English. No hints of anything else.

My maternal grandmother, Martha Margaret Gooch, was probably about 3/4 English, and 1/4 German.

That makes my mom about 7/8 English, and 1/8 German.

And me... I'd work out as approximately 10% German, 72% English, and 18% Scots-Irish.

If and when I ever get more info to revise those numbers, I'd expect the German% to go up and the English to go down (for almost everybody, not just me).


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