Julii's Questions to Pursue

Things I want to resolve in my own family history:

Martha (White) Stout

My great great grandmother Martha (White) Stout died sometime between 1880 and 1884 (when her husband George Washington Stout remarried). When and how did Martha die?

What was Martha's middle name?

Martha was the eldest of a large family, what happened to her many siblings (some with distinctive names)?

George Washington Stout

What brought him to Indiana, where he met and married Martha White? Older men with the same surnames as George's eldest brothers (Amos?) are among the earliest settlers in Morgan Co. IN, did George travel up to live with them after the Civil War?

Jane Russell

The mother of Martha White, I don't have any details about her family. Her birthplace variously given as SC or IN.

Charles Lawrence "Lauren" McKay

My Great-grandfather, born 29 Jan 1894, the youngest of 9 children, what happened to his siblings? He spent a year as a student at Pasadena Nazarene College (later moved to site of CalWestern, Point Loma, allied with the Methodism movement), as part of the music conservatory, what was his musical talent?
Charles had a brother Fred McKay who was a student at the same college, what became of Fred?
Charles' nephew ended up dying in Altadena in 1974, did they get in touch?
Charles's parents, Neil H. and Flora (McKay) McKay. I want to know more about their parents, birthplaces, etc. Neil was born in Cape Breton 1841, died 1915 ND; would his death certificate tell me more about his parents? Would Neil's birth be recorded on www.cbgha.org or http://www.cbgen.org/?? He is mentioned in 1885 census here: http://library.ndsu.edu/archives/databases, but no record of his probate/death, etc.
Flora was born 1854 in Nova Scotia When did Flora die? Neil. H. had a sister called Catherine McKay (4 years younger, so born ~1845) who is living with his family in the 1880 Census.

At: http://library.ndsu.edu/

Cannot find any records of marriage between McKay and Renfro; cannot find any records for Renfro/Renfrow.

No record of any one named Renfro/Renfrow getting married in Cass Co. Can't find any mentions of McKay or Renfro in newspaper indices, can't find any likely looking refs to Turtle Lake.

1885 Census suggests: Neil H. 45, Flora 31 Wife, Kids: Hector K. age 14, Flora 10, Sarah A. 8, Mary B. 3, and a servant named Hector McKay (?same household?, also from Canada).

My grandmother has a picture of herself and her sister Eileen as children, with a man who Grandma thinks was her grandmother. But the man in the picture would have to be at least 85 years old, and he only looks about 50-60yo. Was this actually an uncle, one of Charles' brothers?

Charles' wife, Blanche Alice (Renfrow): also the youngest of 9 children, what became of her many siblings? Why didn't she keep much in touch with them as her daughters were growing up?

Renfros here:
http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/r/e/n/Lance-L-Renfrow/PDFGENEO4.pdf. Suggested tree is MASSIVE No. of siblings for Jos Renfro; his step-mother also his aunt?

A Catherine McKay died 14 Nov 1884 in Wheatland ND (unlikely our Catherine, too far away?). Charles' Sister Sarah A. McKay, married James Stockford , in Cass Co. ND, October 14, 1896. Their son died in Altadena CA in 1974.


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