I started doing family history research in Spring 2003. It's about time I shared some of this info! I am particularly trying to share info that maybe nobody else has.

I'm sorry I don't have time to add lots of complete details, but if you see a name on this list that you're interested in, email me (julii at swinny dot net) and I will endeavour to help. I just don't have time to get all the fine details down here, I have more on just about everyone on this list.



Joanna (mother of 1608 William Dudley)



Abbie, b. Woodbury CT ~1802, m. James Bishop, daughter=India Barton

Bertha Lillian 18 Dec 1882 Mishawaka IN ~ Dec 1975 Santa Barbara

Charles Edgar 4 Oct 1855 Muncie IN ~ 11 Jun 1939 Pacific Palisades CA, only child of Joshua Conn

Charles Marion 11 Jun 1897 Evansville IN ~ 1 Jan 1989 Cardiff by the Sea CA

Charlotte, b. ~1840 Indiana, m. John Born, >=6 kids, including Fred, Blanche, Edna, Alberta, Kate

David Charles, b. Woodbury CT, brother of Elisha, d. 29 Nov 1873, 5 children=Simeon (Woodbury), Harriet (Stormy Creek), Timothy (Woodbury), David (Freeport IA), Adeline (New Brunswick).

Dottie or Dollie or Dolly ?, b. Woodbury ~1800, sister of Elisha, m. Nathan Terrell (children = William lived in Cleveland OH and Nathan in Woodbury)

Elisha ~1795 Woodbury CT ~ after 1870 IN, son of Josiah b. 1756

Eliza (Conn) Bacon - ~ Indianpolis, wife of Elisha, WOULD LOVE MORE INFO ON her parents, have some facts about her life

Fannie or Farnice or Fanine, b. ~1842 Indiana, m. Lyn Kingsmilth, son=William

Elizabeth ?Betty? Jean 16 Feb 1940 Bishop CA ~ 22 Apr 2003 La Mesa (San Diego) CA

Finetta Victorene (see under Wiggs)


John L., b. ~1838 Indiana, brother of Joshua Conn, m. May L. Campbell; descendents include Bert Bacon (m. Mattie Reach), Catherine (m. Louis Perine), and so on.

Joshua Conn 7 Mar 1832 ? ~ 13 Sep 1916 Indianopolis

Josiah 1756 -1840, all Woodbury CT, Rev. War Vet, father of Elisha. See for his ancestry: I am told that on that page the parentage of Nathaniel Bacon is wrong, goes back to someone else completely (Bacons in Suffolk in 1400s). Haven't seen the documents myself, but a lady named Dana Majernick someone is working on a book about it.

Leantine Elizabeth (?Bess?) 20 Nov 1887 ~ 20 Nov 1926 Jamestown CA, no issue

Lucy, sister of Elisha, b. Woodbury ~ 1804, m. Mr. Hall, children = Erastus (Michigan), Sarah (Collins OH), Edwin (Elvira OH), Orin (Brighten OH), Julia (Perrysberg OH), John (Ripon Wisconsin), William (MA)

Martha Margaret (see Martha Margaret Gooch)

Patricia Zerah (?Patty?) 14 Dec 1919 Pittsberg - ?

Raymond Charles 12 Jan 1908 Philipines (son of Raymond Foss) - ?

Raymond Foss 29 Jun 1880 Muncie - ?

Richard ?Dick? Gaynor 1936? CA ? 198? CA

Robert D., b. ~1836 Indiana, brother of Joshua Conn, m. Elizabeth Kirk, kids=Will, Etta, Erma, Charles, Kirk

Robert Eugene 1897-1898 (twin of Charles Marion, bad wetnurse to blame?)

William H. ? ? 11 or 1 April 1870, lived Woodbury Ct all his life. Died w/ no family.

William Michael, b. ~1834, brother of Joshua Conn, m. Mary Frey or Fray, 4 children=Frank, Jennifer, Clara, Harry. Frank m. To Emma Gilbert, they had Roy + Mabel m. To Englehardt.



Sarah 10 Mar 1799, m. Windsor Wiggs (son of Isabel)



Mary of Ireland, ? marr. William Robson date?



BRAINARD (Brainerd)

Abijah 26 Nov 1705 Haddam CT - ?

Aristobulus 10 Feb 1806 East Hampton CT ? ? East Glastonbury, bur. Nepisic CT. Stone Mason, JP.

Daniel ?~1641 probably ESSEX, mostly lived in Haddam CT, d. 1715

George Grant ? ? 29 Sept 1899 CT?

Hartwell Nelson ? 12 Mar 1847 East Glastonbury m. 29 Dec. 1870 to MA Hollister (his 4th cousin). Stone Mason


James ?2 Jun 1669 (m. 1 Apr 1696 to Deborah Dudley) -?

Oliver 21 Aug 1769 - ?

Othniel ?5 Jun 1728 Haddam Neck CT (m. 10 May 1750) to Jerusha Shaler

Robert Francis 19 Jun 1873 E. Glastonbury ? 1900? CT m. To Nellie Slater

Robert Francis 14 Jul 1922 Pasadena CA ? autumn 2005 Sun City AZ

SO MUCH MORE HERE, but can't write it all up





Charles ?, father of Samantha Ann, 3rd wife = Angeline Heath, would like more info

Linnie sister of Samantha by SA Turner

Lucinda sister of Samantha by SA Turner

Samantha Ann ?25 May 1832 ?Muncie IN ~ 9 Apr 1911 Muncie. m. 17 May 1854 in Muncie



John 13 Mar 1819 - ? marr. To Priscella Newberry, father to Laura Alice. Would like more info

Laura Alice 4 Oct 1860 Monard Co. Iowa - ?



Susannah 13 Feb 1808 Warren Co. KY



Jacob (father of Jane)

Jane (m. William Dudley b. 1608)




David ~1580 (father of 1608 William)

Deborah 11 Nov 1670 Soybrook CT ~ 22 Jul 1709 ?

William (father of Deborah)

William 1608 (grandfather of Deborah) ?



Sarah Burnham



George K. (?Gammons?), 8 Jun 1812 Middleborough Plymouth MA ~ 28 Mar 1875 Glastonbury CT. Nellie said this was her mother's father. Lineage to Mayflower pilgrims is through him (which was something Nellie didn't even know). M. To Polly Bidwell (little info on her)

Hattie / Harriet E., b. 12 Aug 1850 (probably CT). Mother of Nellie

Nellie, oldest of maybe 11 by Hattie + Nelson Slater (contact she had w/ my dad). Marr. first to Robert Francis Brainard, 4 children w/ RFB, marr. later to a Mr. Murphy (more children with him)




Sarah 1738 CT ~ 1815?




Charles Percy ?1873 - ?, father of Martha

Clayborn 1861 - 1938 all Morgan Co.

Dessa / Dessie , ~1878 Martinsville Morgan Co., (I have piccie)

Eva ~1870 Morgan Co., sis of CP (from LDS)

Fern 4 Apr 1900 IN, of Charles Percy, m. Lee Andrews, kids=Elwood, Bobbie, Keith

Francis b. ~1885, prob. Half bro to CP (from LDS)

George Dec 1901 IN, brother of Martha, bartender, never marr/no kids.

Hazel 1909 IN, sis of Martha, m. Pete McDermott, 3 kids=Shelia, Patty, Sandra all born ~1935-1945, they have kids, too, family ended up on Texas.

Jesse 9 Nov 1814 Frankfort KY ~ 1874 or 1879, father of William (b. 1842) m. 10 Dec 1840 Morgan Co. To Elizabeth Ware. Not going further, but it's all on LDS

Martha Margaret ~26 Nov 1903 - ? ? 198?

Sarah Elizabeth, 7 May 1863 Morgan Co. ~ 18 Aug 1859 Greenup Cumberland Co. Ill. ?Aunt Ses?

Ursula ?

William, b. ~1842 Morgan Co. IN, - 26 Nov 1917 Centerton. Had 3 wives + about 20 children, dad to Charles Percy

William Webster, 19 Sep 1875 Martinsville ~ 8 Oct 1912 Centerton, bro. of CP

William ? + Ursula Claiborne, prob. Ancesters to my Gooches, but link is weak at one point.




Ephraim 1663 - 1739 all CT, father of 1697 William

Sarah 1649-1700 CT related to other Goodrich, sister of Ephraim?; m. 1667 to John Hollister

William 1697 - 1787 all CT. M. 1728 to Rachel Savage.

William ? father of Ephraim



William Randolph 8 Jul 1841 Switzerland - ?. Changed name to Henry Lusher (see Lusher). Think this was his father's name, too. Father was town Obermeister & abusive.



Ruth ?



Dorothy ~1678 Glastonbury ~ 12 Oct. 1741 ?

Hannah (m. To Gerrard Spencer of Stotfold BEDS), no dates

Samantha ~1823 USA - ?. m. 3 Jul 1844 to FI Hollister,



Edna, not details, but married Raymond Foss Bacon



Francis Israel ?1817 ? 1896 m. 1844 Samantha Hills

Gideon ?1699/1724? - ? Glastonbury CT

Israel ? 1741 Glastonbury CT (m. 1761) father to 1776 Israel

Israel ? 1776/1778 - 1853 East Glastonbury CT , father to Francis

Jamia/Jemima 1770 - 21 Jun 1847 CT?

John 1642-1711 CT, father of 1672 Thomas, m. 1667 CT Sarah Goodrich

Mary Amelia 25 May 1845 E. Glastonbury CT - ?

Thomas 1672-1741 m. 1696 Dorothy Hills, parents of Gideon and 1707 Thomas

Thomas 1707 - 1784 CT (son of 1672 Thomas) m. Abigail Talcott

Thomas 1738-1813 CT (son of 1707 Thomas) m. Jemima Godrich




George 1767? 2 Dec 1817 both CT. Captain.

Narcissa (D of George) 6 Jun 1807 Christnd Eastbury Hartford CT - ? marr. Aristobulus Brainard

Thomas, 1740-1816. Marr. 1763 to Sarah Gates




Margaret, 4 Nov 1842 IN ? 12 March 1880 bur. Williams Cem., Martinsville. Sometimes said to be child of Jeremiah Jackson + Lucinda Collins, but I don't know if that's true. Am not 100% sure Jackson was her surname (LDS + Martha said so, but Hazel gave another), Margaret def. right




Ella Louise 24 Feb 1872 Redwing Falls Minn. - ?CA. D. Of Henry

Henry (see Habersteich). Disowned Obermeister father and took mother's maiden name. I don't even know mother's name, would like to knowl




Nancy Jane 3 May 1832 Grayson KY ~ 1864 Laclede Linn MO. My father had her down as Mary Jane McHuron, but other sources are emphatic on NJ Mahurin. My guess is he was struggling to read the handwriting of very old folks letters (written early 1960s). Lots more info I have.






Blanche Alice? ( see under Renfro) Turtle Lake ND - Pasadena? CA?

Charles Lawrence 29 Jan 1894 Wheatland ND - Pasadena CA

Eileen ? sister of Merwyn, no children. D ates? Pasadena - southern California

Flora ~1854 Nova Scotia - ND marr. to Neil H., maiden name also McKay, ditto Scottish folks

Merwyn Joyce 1 Jan 1925 Pasadena ?

Neil H. ~1841 Cape Breton Island - ? ND; said in 1880 census his parents both fr. Scotland; had a sister named Catherine, age 35, living with them in 1880 ND Census

Some info on siblings of Charles Lawrence..., would like something on his grandparents.



McNEEL ?McNeil

Charles Ernest 425 Aug 1919 (something about his death in CMB's reminiscences)

Ernest, marr. to Bertha Bacon 3 Sep 1913 Ludington Elsworth Heights Michigan (where CM Bacon used to go for summer vacations, on the lake there with lots of other Bishops, ministers).

Robert Bacon 29 Aug 1914 Santa Barbara

Steven Paul 16 Oct 1942 - ? (son of Charles)

Sydney Ann 18 Jul 1941 (d. Of Charles)

Thelma 14 Aug 1938 (d. Of Robert)




MUTCHNER (Mutzner, Mitchner)

Elizabeth ?Betty? Ann ? ? MD?

Mary (Anderson) ?, marr. To Philip MD ? Would like more info

Philip ? MD, Would like more info




Priscella 26 Aug 1820 - ?grandmother of Blanche Alice Renfro. Would like more info




Delana, b. 10 Sept. 1887 - ?. 3rd wife of William Gooch, father of Charles Percy. Said that middle wife had 4 children of her own, and left William. Delana was remembered fondly by either Martha or Hazel Gooch, and gave William another 6-10 kids.



Ben, Nancy's husband, they were living with GW Stout+family in 1880 Census

Nancy, 1855 - ? oldest daughter of GW Stout (it seems). No record of parents marr., no mention in oral family history of her, either (from her half-sister Rachel A.)




Blanche Alice 7 May 1902 Turtle Lake ND - Pasadena? CA, youngest of 9 children

John Thomas 1783 SC - 1839 Grayson KY. M. Susannah Creek, father of Silas b. 1828

Jos (? Joshua ?) 7 Dec 1858 Linn Co. Missouri - ? ND. Farmer., son of Silas, father of Blanche

Silas 25 Jan 1828 KY? - ? I have his lineage back a few more generations.




Alexander Gillian 8 Aug 1868 Chicago - ? CA, Lawyer and invalid, son of William, dad to Ella May

Ella Louise (see under Lusher)

Ella May (?Dinah?) 28 Jan 1898 Chicago - ? CA

William b. Glasgow Scotland, father to Alexander G.




Abigail ~1620 (wife of Hugh, mother of Mary)

Hugh ~1617 (father of Mary)

Mary 1643? (married William Dudley)




Jane b. ~1825 possibly IN, marr. to Jonathan White, mother of Martha White. I am desperate to find out about her parents, if anyone else has info to share!!




Rachel 1703 ? 1787 all CT. Father might have been John, no more info



Deborah (wife of Timothy, below)

Jerusha 11 Feb 1728

Timothy ?




Samuel 4 Dec 1705 Windsor CT

Sarah ~27 Aug? 1743 Colchester New London ? Windsor CT - ?




Nellie (married RF Brainard, Murray) 19 Mar 1872 North Glastonbury CT ?d. after 1963

Nelson 11 Feb 1845 Hoosick Falls NY, father of Nellie, m. 28 Nov 1866 Glastonbury CT to H Gamons

No more info on Slaters...



Elizabeth (mother of 1658 Simon, wife of 1628 Simon) ~1632

Esther 20 Nov 1706 ? 1743 ?

Simon ~1628 ENGLAND - ? father of 1658 Simon

Simon ~1658 Haddam CT - ?




Gerrard Stotfold BEDS (England)

Hannah ?




Johannes/Godfriet/Godfried ?who usually went by Daniel, I reckon. Immigrant ancestor.

John ~1754 VA -~1794 Washington Co. TN, son of above

John ~1774 Shanandoah VA ? 10 Jan 1869 Limestone Washington Co. TN, father of GW, slave-owner

John b. 1880, bro of Rachel A., no issue

George Washington 19 Jan 1837 1938 Jefferson? TN - ~1910 IN. Youngest child of John, m. Martha White. Wrote letters to a cousin or sister named Phoebe (I have some replies)

Rachel (Erwin/Irwin) 1796 - 1 Dec 1874 Washington Co. TN, 2nd wife to John (b. 1774), mother of GW

Rachel A. 1871 - ~1939, of GW, mother of Martha Gooch.



Anna (2nd wife Oliver B?d, m. 2 Mar 1805) 5 Nov 1786 ? 6 Feb 1804?



Abigail 1717?-1812 CT, I suspect Abigail+Rachel sisters?

Nathaniel ?

Rachel 1717? Wethersfield, Hartford CT - ?





Mary 1787-1872. m. Israel Hollister b. ~1776



Sarah 1664-1712 CT, m. Ephraim Goodrich, mother to 1697 William



SA (Turner) marr. Charles Cooper (who later marr. Angelina Heath), SA is mother of Samantha who marr. Joshua Conn Bacon, had other children=Lucinda + Linnie. No info on her or Cooper



Elizabeth, b. ~1823 Preble OH ~ 1863 Morgan Co. IN. Lots more about her parents.



Alice (or Elizabeth) ~1667 Haddam CT - ? (wife of Simon Smith b. ~1658)




John, illiterate farmer, marr. Hannah (2nd wife?). No info on his parents, but father of

Jonathan (b. ~1825 IN). Marr. to Jane Russell, parents of

Martha, b. ~1847, marr. to GW Stout, mother of Rachel




Alphonse Delambertine, son of Raiford, m. Florence Snee (kids=Raiford Snee, Carl Garbor)

Cora Clementine, sibling of Netta, m. BA Casmire,kids=Paul, Bernie (Bernice?), Jacob

Emily Jane, b. ~1852, of Raiford, m. Frank Johnson, kids=John, Elizabeth J.

Finetta Victorene (?Netta?) 29 Mar 1857 Tampico OH - 25 Jun 1945 Santa Barbara CA. M. 1 Jan 1879 Union City IN

Isabel ?1793 Wayne Co. NC, mother of Windsor, not clear who if any1 was her husband

Lillian Albertine, of Raiford, m. Samuel Gatch, kids=Saxton, Kenneth Carey

Raiford ?22 Jun 1827 Spartansberg IN ~ 18 May 1915 IN, one of 11 children by Windsor+wife

Windsor ? ? m. 1816 Wilson Co. NC




WOODMANSEE (Woodmancy, Woodmansy)

Asa ?, father of Sarah Adaline, traces back to Gabriel of New London CT (I have lineage)

Betty (see Mutchner)

Gabriel ?

Sarah Adaline 10 Dec 1830 Butler Co. OH - ?, I have marr. certificate of her to Raiford Wiggs





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