Gooch and Stout Family Letters

Here is all I have of Rachel J. (Stout) Gooch and (George Washington Stout's letters and documents, plenty correspondence with his sister Phoebe Stout. I have inserted (.) where a full stop should have been (but wasn't in the original!) and astericks (**) where I'm not sure of the word, most of the words spelt as they were in the letter.  Note (writing this as much for me, as anyone!): Apparently a clutch of letters like mine were also handed to my great aunt Fern and to my great aunt Hazel; their heirs may still have them (I hope to see them one day!).

At top of this page is a the front pages of letters from Dora Cashat and Phoebe Stout; page 2 of those letters is at the bottom of the page.

I think, maybe aneer=near, and toters=daughters!!

Tipton Mo. Jan 13th 1869

Dear Cosin Gorge,To George Stout
I thought I would write a few lines to you and see if you would write to me(.) ma and pa ses tha don’t intend to write to you any more for you want aneer ther toters(.) ther have writen to uncle gorge but have not heard from him for a long tim(.) wee cant tell what he’s become of him(.) wee ar all well uncle perry’s ar all well(.) wee war all out thar a mear year(.) wee live in tipton(.) I and Bird is going to school mat cox and hear Call? was hear last weeke(.) cosin gorge I would like to see you and hear you play the fiddle(.) I have not bin sick since I left India that is the ricen I don’t want to go back thar. I wish you would com out her this country is pretty(.) wee had a big snow before crismas I had a good Slay **ride I went to aunt marys and had lots of fun a mill?ing** over the perie(.) I went to go out an gan ma sis(.) I cant lean chool(.) uncle perry was hear to day(.) I hop to go to chool all the time(.) pa is working at Cunts touw in a bout aight miles from hear(.) I must quit and go to bed(.) I want you to write to me(.) Dora Cashat.

The uncle Gorge that Dora talks about is probably her mother's brother, George W. Stout, (son of David and Louisa), 1817 - 1890 Monroe IN, though I guess we can't rule it out being G. Peter Stout (1773-1859), who died in Johnson Co. TN. Chatting with another Stout descendant, we think (death certificate for Ann Eliza Cashatt, Census and gravestone records) that Dora is the daughter of Robert Cashatt & Ann Eliza Stout (George's first cousin). Ann E. was born Jan 1832, and was daughter of David Stout who married Louisa Vest. Aunt Mary could be Ann's sister, born about 1840, and living with the Cashatt's in the 1850 Census.


by=Buy will=Will Braysville 8 November the 14th ’69 PRESUMABLY 1869, Braysville is in IN, who wrote this?? ?A Stout bachelor relative, one of GWS's uncles or older brothers? Seems to be called "Hell..." something in Phoebe's letter.

Dear friends I have nothing new of presine** all in common hilth** you wished me to come out(.) But I have declined ferful to risk being acclimated to clement(.) But espied** to go to west miset** fall or by a farm in east Tim** the home farm will be sob**(.) I suppose this spring(.) But dont think it will suit me Tim** ben lacking(.) in tim** of the war(.) G.D. Stout Borrowed 380 Dollars of coinfre** Since** Yotern** since** Paid him about $150 Dollars and Frother** took his for $500 Dollars(.)

Receipt** some too years often the Summeden** now he SD Stout has filed a bill in chancery for $380 Dollars(.) The Administration* will answer** in the Bill Next Monday(.) he the Administrator Says that S.D. will loose the suit he has got the advice of too Lawyers Maxwell & Deadrick IL** council Rivers** as to the land you stole/stok** of bying(.) ["still have in mind to buy"] Be sure that you can pay for it before ponches**(.)) I will close as will probably ticket** you a bout money matters I think you will like to her what he has to say(.) Best Respects yet a Bachelor

ON SAME SHEET, BUT NOT SAME LETTER??, from one of GWS's siblings, possibly Phoebe??

Dear Brother G.W.
I am now before you at last after so long a time I have failed to see the man of my council until resantly, I am informed by my right Bowie that you can depend on $300 dollars between this and Christmas If I and will [brother Will] should by the home place could you lit** us have your interest in land for too years there will be three payments one third down one third in six monthly the other third at the expiration of 18 months(.) The first children will want there money in @** hunna some too or $300 Dollars would have to be paid soon we can get Loreth** Phoks** past one him(.)

Maw has bin somewhat unwell with a pain in her side and back could hardly get up when she was down but is getting better now(.) I would you come come to see your old Maw once more(.) I hope you will come before long you wished me to come to see you this winter(.)
Nothing would afford me more pleasure than to visit you and Sister Mat. But don’t sasias** chance. For I never have worked hard in my life than this summer and fall(.) So I will desist much love to you and Sis Mat. So let us know something in rgard to the favour that Hell** wrote you we don’t know your circumstances if you need it let us know if not we will be glad of the favour if not bye we won’[t know until the** Tail comes off about December or later.

GWS inherited $833 from his father's estate (read more here, after John Stout died 10 Jan 1869). George's older brother William had Power of Attorney over George's interest in the estate (Washington Co. TN Deed Vol. 41 page 426). Rachel A . (Stout) Gooch thought that her father had land interests back in TN that he should have pursued, and the discussion in these letters suggests that he had worked out a deal for letting his TN family use the land in his absence, with some cash or rent being paid in lieu of possession. GWS had something like 15 living adult siblings and half-siblings at the time of his father's death, the estate division appears to have been acrimonious from other records.

Washington County Tem**
July the 18
Unknown date, the refs to Maw & sister Mat means it was in the period 1869-1874.

Dear Brother
I take up the silent pen After so long time to drop you A fue lines(.) I dont think I can interest you any/my All though I will tell you of Maters** And things in General(.) This house** is All in Comon helth(.) Sister Amy was down And Stayed wonce with us went home last Tusday. Maw went.home with hear(.) And will stay till Next Saturday I am going to Jonesborough(.) And Maw will be down on the train(.) And I Am going to home now(.) And Mi** picktore** taken together(.) And will send them to you (.) I have bin being**/trying** to get Ma to go to Jonesborough. She said she could not rid** horse back I will Meet hear if Ma perenit** foromendine** will Georg if you And sister Martha will com and see us I will go home with you And stay this winter with you(.) Maw says she wount you to com(.) Maw says if you don’t com that she Never especk to see you(.) well our harvest is one hear Wheat one had threw peals that was mary good(.) And Maw that one did dot cut Froke** o** I is cutting** outs to day(.) The weather is very warm hear we have had som of the harder rains And wind that I one sun(.) I Am thank ful that it was No harder(.) We have bin belesst with rain this sumere will georg old clubhung**look fine(.) And has bin holing wheat(.) All week we are down Now Mean yung Hear clicke som time go he was Nice animal Meow has got fine gray horse yet we have gone June(.)
Appels cifie** com up ( And got A buit** well what has becom of Cousin Georg I went to him last winter And he Never Answer it give him No respeck I will close I remain as ever

Phebe Stout** George's younger sister by over 3 years (b. 24 Apr 1840), she married in 1875, but had no children, she cared for their parents in old age, talked about here. Jonesborough is the seat of Washington Co. TN; this letter written between John Stout's death in Jan 1869 and Rachel's date of death, 1 Dec 1874. Was sister Amy Loretta A. (Stout), George & Phoebe's sister, or someone married into the family? Is Cousin George the GWS born to David Stout and Louisa, in 1817?


Washington County Tenn**
October the

Dear Brother
I received your very kind And welcome letter A bout home** week Ago which I was glad to hear from you(.) Sorry to hear that you had put off com to home ill crismus or spring Maw says to tell you to com hom And Not put it off(.) We was All in common health(.) Maw health is only tolerable She cuuf A good deal during winter she can get an old clabunk And go Around A Aung** old friends stay several dayes At time(.) She could go there then she dos** if she could get Hare** to reid** the old clabunk has to work I mine send you Man Jick for tnd** Mime** I have had them some time I got size** of Maw taken I game** Sis** Angline** was Mon** picktore(.) I received a letter from Cosin Georg the other day ohug** good** glad to hear from him when you com hom be shure to bring Sister Malla** with you I will close I remain as ever

Phebe Stout

Receipts for land (for purchase of property, I think, possible out of GWS's $300 inheritance as referred to above?, shows that $300 was A LOT of money in those days), Martinsville Indiana, paid by George W. Stout, signed by Treasurer of Morgan County:

$2, Dated April 17 1872, signed by GW Egbert, Lot 7 & 8, more details

$8.49 Dated Nov 2 1874, signed by JN Gregory, Lot 7 & 8, more details

$5, Dated Feb 18 1879, signed by L. Gutridge, maybe same lots….

Washington County Tenn**
February the 91

Dear Brother And Sister
I Am this Morning Belasst with the privilege to *** you A fue lines to tell you matters And things in General(.) William was Married this way too weeks Ag[o] to Dillee Brooks(.) Ma Muck Culister was At the wedding(.) Mr. Bollen’s family And Mr. Henson family Mr. John Smith Mr. Efrom Brayles** Mrs. Churly** Croyles I Mrs. Chorley Croylen *** out with will And Dilla. Mr Beneck *** thing me All out suffice for their** had Nice Super(.) I went home from A clock that Night of the meeting(.) Mr. Smith went milk the home I seul** up** All Night And was rocking Thisonect** All came up for breakfus Agune daylight A New** fashin** infarce** one had now has bin away porely** was face** About too week before will was married She could Not do any thing(.) She is Now **ock Around Agane(.) I went to Leesburg(.) And got Salles Rothcock brout* heur** home with me(.) She help Me out cooking Sallee is Nice girl(.) She would look eve** day At you picktore And say she would love to see you so well….Sister Dilla saws** give** you heure best respecks All. So to Sider** matter Brother(.) Frck** has had his one fun since will was married(.) I wish you wus her to hieur** him And guesting** will And Dilla will live with us will come very** near being killed yesterday. He was toping** thre** And line fell Foth** t**ould will to run he slacked** the him fell And kill him A crock back tock** the breath out of him(.) And he laid thar he is going to un this morning better the I expeck I Me baucks*8 of rasing** A Nothere lid** on the land I do Not Nan** where he will or** Not for surfen** Brother Daniel black And Siter** was down** At the wedding back orint** the bid raind on the pond** wht do you think About it will I will close as I Am in hurry give Mrs. Love to Sister Martha I Am going to look fore you in September(.)0 Now don’t say you Are Not coming I And Mam is going to Jonesborough(.) And will have your** picktores taken(.) And will send them to you tho will be good to keep chickens out of your garden this sumere I will close writ*8 some

Tell cousin George to west** to the he is due the A letter

Phebe Stout

Leesburg is in VA. Mention of "Mam" means last letter was written in the 1869-1874 period, what became of the pictures that Phoebe sent to George, and that George sent to Phoebe and his Mam? Is "William" George's brother born 12 Jan 1833? Brother Daniel is possibly David Clark, who married Loretta A. Stout, or could be George's brother Daniel, b. 1798. Dilla is probably Delilah, the wife of brother William.

Brazil Ind. Jan 27 1907

Mrs Gooch & Family,
I will write to you again I have been looking for a letter from you but have looked in vain. Well Mrs. Gooch what kind of a time are you having this winter I have just about such times as I always did don’t get any better(.) Oiasie** &** Jella** are great big things now(.) Oiasie** was sick all fall he got sick the first day of October and has not gone to school since.—he had the Inflamatory Rheumatis** then the Sant Vila Dance he is lots better he has gone to Sunday school at Town this eve – Ma has moved back to the country we were up there Hollidays(.) it seemed like going home we talked about driving to you house we was visiting east of Clverdale and they said it was only about 18 miles further. we have still got Prince but food is so dear this winter hay $20. a ton – I thought I would send this Handkering it is not very pretty – I am by my self this eve(.) Clint passes the Sundays away in Town you know where. we went to town last night we could not find him(.) & me and the kids came home it was half past 10. This world is a terrible place isn’t it. I would like to leave this town if I knew where I better our selves work is allright. Here do you people like Martainsville** the last – we have got 1. one acre of ground has now we have got plenty of rooms more than I care about tendess**. I have got 29 chickins and do not get any eggs. Eggs is 35 cts & butter is 40 cts(.) how is that(.) I do not know very much to tell you. Nella** lives close to ma. I feel so bad this eve I can’t think of any thing that I might to write. I want you to write to me as soon as you can I would like to hear from all of you what does Mr. Gooch work at now. I believe that is all I am thank of for this time tis a adeck** I will have to feed because Clind** has not come yet(.) this is a oifly pretty day. Ans soon from Clara Herbert

At home January 23rd 1910
Dear Rachel Charles & the kids
It’s bin some time since I wrote you. I thought I would ** a line in the first place I want to tell you that I was at Sally Guthridges funeral last Tuesday. Aron’s** wife. She was confirmed back her bake & took a hermade and died. I believe Aron Mother that it will I seen diar of sory their. But they was as end as civil. Beens mwe left home that day they came up. That was the first time I had seen them since(.) But they can take their own time to get in a good summer(.) I was over to see Mrs. Thanna sept last Sunday. But bin at home all day to day. It is now seven o’clock. I am sitting hear writing to you & John gone to New harming** to cherising**. I haven’t seen Clay or Web since you were hear the bin awful cail wether(.) Bill Car is lookedwood were their a weak or so ago. Still cupple of nights. They was on a hunting trip effilt Dilender has here about all weak. Come to cut wood but the wether has bin to bab(.) The cow is get a long all right(.) Still Jim & to 8 pounds of buter weak. Well that is about all that I say now May God bless you All

yours as ever


Monday morning John came home last night Said The dore wont take a couple of sacks of potatoes to you. Well we got them up thar this morning wasitted to pay for taking them But he would not take any thing

Let me now if he charges you any thing

SWITCH FROM PENCIL TO PEN, INK LETTER IS IN DIFFERENT HAND, could this be from John, Rachel's brother?

Well apron** baby is living yet Bell is it there your Mrs. Gutridge wants the kid.
We have 6 pigs out of So. We made a hog house for one And the other sow was [in] the barn.
Wilton went home Sat.
Everybody are OK.
I guess Dyers that is Ed Dyers got mad at Pa because you did not stay at home that Sun.
I am glad they are mad. I want C.** to look for me a watch(.) I am going to get one when I cosent/corneuf**. I saw the Haileys’ comet yesterday even look in the west just At dark.
Mrs. Scott does not know what she will do yet.
I have not worked since I got done shucking corn but I coughs/caught** $14.75 of fur. Black skunk $3.25 short 2.25 muskrat. $4 when you dred here 1.25.75=80 Muss at 20 possum 1.00 – tow year ago 25=50 milk 2.50 now $5.007.00 coon $100 now $2.25
Will close to wash the dishes

Hours******* HJS

At home July 7th 1912

Rachel Charles & Children

We ar well as comon**. You missed strawberrys by not coming chekeaton** day as we had jae** s** ody** & John grays here(.) I was at Miss Russ funeral & Miss Scots was fullrer** at both plees**. Two weeks ago I was at the Old Dyer** home(.) Jim paseton** & Moll was their also(.) Lst** Sara. When I fist went ewell** said She was coming to see me. And when I went to leave Joss** drecter** if she was coming. And before she had time to speak Is** sages** I am redday** eantime** often** Tuesday and Sara says I will bing a cake(.) So we lun** all their on Thursday(.) And last Sunday we had Ike** Willines** to Bell clear**. I was going to the old man flivers** to day but it rained this morning and I give it out. John has gone to Taber Kom’s** to meet some girl I think. I there** afine** garden this gos** lots of hens. And the best onions. And will have lots of Ceblack** in one mor weake. New potatoes of a large size. 90 chickens mainly big unaft* to fry and some smaller. John is plowing when dri** enough. I have few** help in Willie Perks to put up Clover hay last weak. More for a corandin** than hay. Well I believe that is about all I want to say. Only** Corie** down soon till Charley I would like for him to come next time(.)

Yours as ever

(in margin of this letter): The girl was Nora Beasley
It is raining hard this** noon**

Commend you

Funny next letter, I had it down (Hazel said) that GWS sold his farm on 12 Dec 1912, and that he moved in with Rachel, why's he in Bargerville, is he staying with John at this point?

B.R. No. 6 Box 7
Bargerville Ind
September 2 1914

Dear Children
I am as well as common. I had got some worse And rote you last Monday morning that I would be up in a day or Two. But I got beter, And do not know when I will come. I got your card to day. When I rote that letter I put in Harleys Boze and put two Derneys** on it. Just let it go(.) there was nothing in onely** I said I felt worse and would be up in a day or two. I will see the male male in the morning(.) John is working in the new town loading to maktes**. At nine dolurs** per week(.) But he works over time and I gess the will get a bout two(.) I can’t see this till morning yours as Ever

G.W. Stout



by Jerry Ann Stout on 07 September 2013
Julii: I've read your letters much earlier, but reread some today. They are great. I wonder if you know where and when Geo. W. Stout died/buried?

I found one piece of paper regarding the Civil War which leads me to believe he served for Confederate states but was captured and swore his allegiance to the US, Union. Do you have any record of his service. I'm going to keep looking but with so many Geo. W.'s it's takes awhile. My husband's George W. Stout b. 1843 son of Alfred was a nephew of your Geo. W. Stout. Would be happy to share. Jerry

by Julii on 24 September 2013
Hi Jerry! We have chatted before.

Family lore says that GWS was a confederate, but I don't have any of his service info. I am fairly sure he's bured in Centerton or in Indianopolis, but looks like I don't have records for his grave.

by Sandy McDermott Allen on 01 August 2012

I couldnt believe it when my sister Patti called me today and told me about Swinny and all the Gooch, Stout, etc info. I have a large # of letters and actually had just gotten all of my material together this past winter to start on my family genaeology. A few health problems later, I was just thinking it is time to start!

I live in Longmont CO near Boulder where my daughter and her family live. My two sisters are still in TX.

Mother was so fond of Elizabeth and didnt she see you in London at some point?

I will print out all this material and get back to you. I have also alot of pictures that you might not have seen. The oldest seems to do the collecting!


Sandy Allen ( you 2nd cousin) Richard and I were good buddies.

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