Wiggs Family Portrait 1884

Probably taken in early 1884. Originally mislabeled as a portrait of JC Bacon and family.

Centre: Raiford Wiggs (1827-1915) and Sarah Adaline Woodmansee (1830-1907). Identified by obvious resemblance of Sarah to her 1902 Fiftieth wedding anniversary picture (below) and Raiford's distinctive asymetrical hairline (clearly visible on his 1852 wedding portrait, the hairline on his right forehead brow his higher than on the left). Joshua Bacon did not have such an asymetrical hairline, also why would Joshua be in a portrait with his son's inlaws (like Lilian).

To Sarah's left sits her daughter Lilian (later Mrs. Gatch). Behind Lilian stands Netta Bacon with her son Raymond Foss. Next to Raymond stands Charles E. Bacon looking less than thrilled (as usual). Standing next to Charles may be Alphonse Wiggs

I believe that the lady in the lower left with babe in arms is Cora Clementine (Wiggs) Casmire, with her baby son Paul. That would make the toddler on Raiford's lap Bertha Bacon. The lady in the far left upper corner is likely to be Raiford's eldest daughter, Emily (from his first marriage to Elizabeth Rogers), and Emily's husband Mr. J McClure, with the eldest child between them likely to be their son.


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